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In spite of having a multitude of gadgets around us, the TV remains a focal point in any home. Imagine sitting down to watch your favourite football team on TV with popcorn and all the works and the channel suddenly doesn’t work? It can be a very frustrating experience. It may well be  the fault of your TV antenna. In order to ensure that your TV has the best sound and picture quality and you get the best reception for all the channels, it is very important that your TV antenna installation has been done properly.

How do you know whether your digital TV antenna needs to be fixed or replaced? There are certain signs that you can watch out for:

  • The number of channels that you can view have decreased
  • You are receiving pixelated or scratchy picture quality
  • The reception / signal quality is inconsistent
  • There is a lag between the audio and video

Whatever the issue that you are facing with your digital TV antenna, Quick Tech can easily fix it for you. Our expert technicians have years of experience in antenna installation. They are trained to identify the problem quickly and provide the optimal solution.

Why should you hire a professional to install your TV Antenna?

Safety – TV antenna installation requires climbing on the roof, drilling holes in walls and ceilings so that cables can be passed through and finding the right direction for the antenna to face. Even though you feel that you have the right tools and knowledge to install a TV antenna on your own, it is always better to hire professionals who are trained in taking all safety measures while installing the antenna.

Convenience – Hiring a professional service provider like Quick Tech for your antenna installation makes better sense; because, all you need is to book your service and relax. The expert will get the job done competently while you carry on about your business without having to worry about a thing.

Better reception – Professional TV antenna installation ensures that your TV is tuned properly to receive the best signal quality. This leads to fewer reception problems, and you can enjoy TV streaming without any interruptions.

What to do if your TV antenna is not picking up channels?

The majority of your TV reception problems, or certain channels not working, are due to the TV antenna and cables being faulty or not installed properly. There are few things you can do to fix this:

Check your TV reception equipment – The TV reception equipment may be the cause of your TV antenna not picking up channels. You need to ensure your TV antenna is set up properly, pointed in the right direction, and is in good condition.

Check your location – Depending upon your location, you will need a specific design, size, and type of TV antenna to give you the best possible viewing experience. Get the help of experts to determine if your TV antenna installation has been done correctly and is responsive to the signal reception in your area.

Check your TV and / or set top box receivers – Switch off and on your set up box and scan all the channels again manually to tune the channels to the right frequencies. There are times, due to weather conditions, that the TV antenna cannot pick up channels; this is a temporary problem and will be fixed on its own once the weather clears up.

Most importantly, get expert advice – When you have tried everything else, it’s time to call in the experts. Quick Tech can help you in fixing all kinds of issues you have with your TV antenna reception. Call us now for hassle free service.

How do you get your TV to recognise the antenna?

TV antennas can be tricky to install and attaching it to the TV for reception can be finicky

  • Check if all cables are connected properly.
  • Make sure that the TV is set to the correct source on your TV i.e., antenna
  • Ensure that the correct input source is selected on your TV.

Get help! Call professional antenna installation people – like Quick Tech, to help you with any reception problems that you are facing.

Why choose Quick Tech to help with your Antenna reception problems?

Quick Tech is your one stop shop for all TV antenna installation and reception problems. We are a team of licensed technicians who have expertise in all kinds of antenna installation. When you book Quick Tech, you are assured of the best available professional service related to TV antenna, reception or tuning problems. Some of the services that we offer are:

  • TV Antenna Installation
  • TV Antenna Repairs
  • TV Antenna Cabling
  • TV Reception Problems
  • TV Tuning

Are you looking for a new TV antenna installation or moving your existing digital TV antenna to a new location? Look no further. Quick Tech offers expert service to professionally install a new TV antenna or replace or fix an existing one.

Call us now and get started.

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