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No-Fuss TV Antenna Installation from Trustworthy Experts

Treated yourself to an amazing new TV and now you need to get the antenna sorted? Call QuickTech for efficient TV antenna installation services with quick turnaround. Wherever you’re located in Australia, our network of fully qualified and highly experienced technicians spans to every corner of the country. We’ll send someone over to your house and get your TV connected in no time.

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Squares coming on your TV screen indicating a poor signal? Well, it may just be a smaller issue in the antenna system. We’ll definitely fix such problems.

Is your TV antenna poorly maintained, broken or incorrectly installed? Then it is likely to have problems. Well, we’ll troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

The quality of your antenna installation plays a huge factor in your digital TV’s ability to pick up channels and display high-definition picture/audio with strong signal at all times. While some people try to install their own antenna, this sort of task isn’t a DIY job. With QuickTech, you can rest assured we will take care of the entire TV antenna installation process and deliver the best possible outcome.

For instance, we won’t consider the job complete until your TV is picking up all the channels it should be, and that there is no lag-time between audio and video. We’ll check for pixelation or “scratchiness” on any of the channels, and adjust the antenna accordingly. Our team is fully committed to 100% customer satisfaction – whether it’s our digital TV antenna installation services, computer repairs, WiFi network support, smart home hub configuration, gaming device troubleshooting or otherwise.

Digital TV antenna installation made easy, with QuickTech

By leaving your digital TV antenna installation to one of our trusted experts, you can enjoy full peace of mind that the job is being carried out:

  • Safely – we strictly adhere to OH&S standards throughout every step of our antenna installations, repairs and servicing callouts
  • To our own extremely high standards of service
  • With fully guaranteed workmanship

It’s one of the many reasons why QuickTech is among Australians’ favourite one-stop solution for all their tech-related needs. We have over 10 years’ industry experience, and more than 700 highly skilled remote/on-site technicians at our disposal.

Arrange streamlined TV antenna installation with QuickTech today

Our process for TV antenna installations is remarkably straightforward. Simply give us a call or submit an online enquiry, and a friendly member of our support team will provide you with a detailed quote and consultation.

From here, we can arrange for our next available technician in your area to come to your property at a date/time that best suits you, fully equipped with everything we need to get your TV antenna installed and your home theatre all set up for a night on the couch.

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If you’d like more information about our efficient and reliable TV antenna installation services, don’t hesitate to drop us a line today.



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tom hatfield
tom hatfield
absolute pro attention from a man called dave so polite and nothing was to much trouble. gee i am glad i am a customer of yours. sorry but i am wrapped in the service. tom hatfield. soooo happy.
Gwenyth Francis
Gwenyth Francis
I have use Optus Premium home support for a few years and have always found their service courteous, informative, efficient and reliable. Recently I had concern that I had allowed a virus into my computer and requested a check. This check was prompt and very thorough and all files in my computer were checked, including the deeper internal ones. This work took four hours but it was extremely important. The professionalism and the courtesy to the consumer is excellent. It is also of value that the work is done remotely
joy gough
joy gough
Thank you Regan for solving my problems.
Jenny Ilasi
Jenny Ilasi
THANK YOU Optus premium. You people are my lifesaviours. I love your wonderful work and would recommend you to anyone!
Robyn Veivers
Robyn Veivers
Dave…thank you for an excellent job in installing my norton security tom veivers
Roger Andrew Forster
Roger Andrew Forster
Brian Olley
Brian Olley
Always call promptly and have always fixed my problem with email in particular.
Sally James
Sally James
bruce heyward
bruce heyward
Adam had to endure an hour with Optus Chat Line only to be redirected to a team member who fixed the problem in five minutes. He was exceptionallypatient and professional.
very prompt always polite


Antenna installation and repair are not such expensive services as you may imagine. If your TV antenna is closer to your external antenna, you would expect your antenna point installation cost to be less. That is because more distance is equal to more cable.

The antenna installations of the antenna point cost around $180 to $400. If your technician requires more time and equipment to get the work done, it will increase the cost of the job. But if the task is straightforward; a single-level dwelling with one antenna point installed, costs will be closer to $180. The cost varies, depending on the number of antenna points.

For more information, please contact us.

Australian homeowners pride themselves on being efficient at DIY and the installing of devices and basic house repair work. However, installing an antenna yourself may not be a good idea.

Installation of a TV antenna can be dangerous, it requires technical knowledge and not all electricians possess this expertise. A regular electrician is not trained in antenna installation. Instead, TV antenna experts are thoroughly equipped in carefully installing digital TV antenna equipment on rooftops and in high places.

In case you would like more details, please contact us.

Once you switch over to a digital TV antenna you need to retune your TV. Making the switch is a good time to check if your TV antenna system is in good shape; especially if it has been exposed to severe weather over an elongated period.
Once you have the TV antenna in the right position, you have to complete a channel scan to finalise the installation.

  • Press ‘MENU’ on your remote control
  • Select ‘SET UP’ on the menu.
  • Choose ‘ANTENNA’, then ‘CHANNEL SCAN’ or ‘AUTO TUNE’.

Your TV will automatically rescan the available signals – which can take a couple of minutes. Once completed, all your channels will be tuned-in. Do not forget to rerun the channel scan again if you move your TV antenna.

For more details, please contact us.

The quality of your TV reception is very dependent upon the location choice of the antenna, so take time to find the optimal installation spot for your TV antenna. To mount an antenna on your roof without damaging it, you ought to attach the antenna to the gable, the fascia, or the chimney. You can also buy non-penetrating mounts that use weights (rather than screws) to hold them in situ.

Whatever you are doing, don’t put holes in your roof to connect your antenna. With proper equipment, knowledge, and patience, you’ll manage to install your cable without paying extra for it!

In case you need more details, contact us.

Getting the perfect reception using your indoor digital TV antenna is often a challenging task. The best location to install a TV antenna is outside and as high as possible, like on your roof, but many of us aren’t capable of installing an antenna on our roofs.

The best locations to place a flat TV antenna are often against windows or external walls. Test various locations, and make sure to run a baseline channel scan on your TV. Also, even when indoors, try to face the antenna towards the TV transmitter tower. Ideally, position your antenna with a line of sight to the transmitters.

If you think you need more details, please contact us.

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