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Home Theater/Surround Sound System Setup

Home Theater/Surround Sound System Setup

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If you're planning a home theatre in a small room or a large space, we'll help you plan the installation area. We’ll walk you through what to consider for getting the best setup for incredible surround sound system.

Connecting the audio and video devices in a single room is very much important for an effective home theatre/surround sound system setup. Don’t let the thought of this process scare you. We’ll take care of everything!

Just looking at all those wiring is exhausting you? Well, we’ll run the necessary wiring of home theatre/surround sound system the right way!

Excited about your new home theatre/surround system? But wondering how to use its features? Well, we’ll walk you through all its features and you’ll know how to set up the best home theatre system!

For an immersive experience, you need to setup and configure all necessary peripherals. Wondering how to do it? Well, we’ll take care of everything!


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Surround speakers tend to fail in predictable ways, so it is sensible to follow a uniform approach to troubleshooting. To get to the root of the trouble, verify that the balance control is centred and the volume is high enough to be heard.

Exchange the source product for another device of an equivalent type; connecting it to the first receiver or amplifier and speakers. Starting from the speaker and moving towards the receiver or amplifier, thoroughly check the length of the wire for any breaks or broken connections.

If you have further problems, please contact us.

When you have a system with multiple wires and settings, it is easy for things like sound or vision to go wrong. First, check is to make sure that the Mute control is not activated and try turning up the volume level.

Then check every wire and connection; for example; restart the Bluetooth if you are connected via Bluetooth. Try a different HDMI cable to ensure your cable is in a good state. Check each speaker to be sure they’re properly connected to the A/V receiver.

In case you have any further queries, please contact us.

You have taken everything out of the box, connected it, spent hours fiddling with inputs and stripping speaker wire, and you are finally ready to entertain yourself. Annoyingly, there is no surround sound coming out of the speakers.

The good news is that it is extremely unlikely you’ve suffered an entire system failure. First, unplug your receiver from the power source. Then check that your AV receiver is connected properly. Also, check the speaker connections to make sure that everything is screwed in correctly.

If you have any other issues or troubles, please contact us for more details and our experts will help you.

From time to time, when we connect up our home TV, we run into unforeseen problems. These problems sometimes include video display, but most of them are related to sound quality or to having no sound.

Sometimes the reason for no sound, or low sound quality, is a connectivity issue with your wireless subwoofer. Remember before you tune in to watch; do a sound test for your home theatre. Make sure that the audio is turned up and not muted, and check the cables as well.

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Watching a movie with surround sound is a lot of fun. But it can get difficult to attach all the wires and have seamless connectivity as well. It’s helpful to use a flat wire; as it will protect the rear speaker wires.

Try using a wireless transmitter to avoid long cables and leads running across the room. Remember to connect the receiver to your DVD player or cable box using your digital audio connector – an HDMI, digital-coaxial, or optical cable. Finally, connect the power and test the system. You can also use fishing guide wire to help guide the leads through the wall into the appropriate spaces.

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