3 easy ways to move your broadband router

3 easy ways to move your broadband router

There are many reasons why you might want to move your broadband router. It might be because the WiFi Network or where you use Wi-Fi most is not as good as you would have liked. In days gone by, it was common to install the telephone line and master socket in the hallway of a house, where people used to make their phone calls. Often with a nearby chair, phone book, and notepad and pen. But this doesn’t make sense in today’s world.

Wi-Fi problems were easy to tolerate when it was just about uploading a GIF or a short video, but if you are working from home and your kids are having online classes during this Coronavirus pandemic, you need your broadband router to operate at peak performance.

Before you do anything drastic, you might be able to fix it by simply moving your broadband router. In this blog, we will discuss some different techniques which can be used to move your broadband router in your home to a more functional position.

  1. Place your broadband router in the centre of your home

Radio waves emanate from a central point, in all directions. Remember this when you place your broadband router. The ideal position for your broadband router should be as close to the middle of your home as possible. Put your broadband router in the middle of the home to get equal coverage everywhere. And remember to think three-dimensionally, also. In a three-story house, it is perhaps best to put the broadband router on the second floor. You want good signals on all three stories, right? For a more permanent performance improvement, move your broadband router to a central location inside your home, clear of surrounding clutter. If it’s buried in a closet, banished to the basement, or sitting on the periphery of your home, the Wi-Fi signal will have difficulty reaching the places it needs to be.

  1. Move your telephone master socket

Of all the ways to move your broadband router, this would probably be the best way your telephone or Internet provider would recommend. This is because, for optimum Internet speed and reliability, it is best that your router or modem is connected directly to your telephone master socket.

  1. Install telephone extension socket

Install a standard telephone extension socket that will allow you to plug your broadband router into a new location. This requires a cable between your existing master socket location and your new location where you can install a telephone slave socket. If you cannot find a telephone technician in your area, most aerial and satellite installers also have the expertise to do this for you.

You will be surprised how much these easy steps can help your Wi-Fi connection. There are situations in which moving a broadband router just a couple of feet and keeping it in the open, fixes actual dead Wi-Fi zones.


But these suggestions may not solve everything. If moving your broadband router does not help, reach out to the Router Tech Support team at QuickTech on 1300 016 017. We will help you if you need assistance.

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