4 Questions to Ask Before Your Computer Support Renewal Contract

Nothing ever stays the same. This is true of today’s modern IT environment. Automation, data privacy, cloud, multi-cloud, SaaS, containers, etc. all contribute to this increasing rate of change. When your existing computer support provider comes up for maintenance renewal or a major refresh, you need to re-evaluate if the time for change is now. At the end of the day, you need to be confident the computer support services you choose will be ready for what your business will need over the next few years. Upholding the status quo will not serve you or your organization in the long run.

Evaluate the current state of your computer support provider and see how new technology developments might warrant a change. Put these questions to your current computer support provider, as well as to those you are considering to best understand their ability to solve your computer problems today and tomorrow. You may be surprised by the answers.

1.     Do you provide future-proof solutions?

Technology and business requirements change fast. Your data protection needs today won’t likely be the same one or three years from now. Think of all the new workloads and applications you have adopted in the past three years, or how your infrastructure has changed through hyper-convergence, the introduction of containers, or your shift to the cloud. It can be hard to predict what your environment might need in the coming years. Now is the time to select a computer support provider that stays one step ahead.

When you forestall changes in your infrastructure and application environment, ask these questions: Is the solution truly technology-agnostic? Can it support heterogeneous and hybrid environments? Or is it limited to only a few renewal options? Does it offer industry-leading integration with a wide selection of storage arrays, storage platforms, and cloud storage options? This can help drive snapshot-based protection, replication, and rapid disaster recovery. Does it offer native cloud integration with public clouds like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud? Addressing these norms will make sure that you have the ability to easily move your data, or adopt new infrastructure, as your business goals and supporting technologies continue to change.

2.     Is any new type of remote computer support available?

Many computer problems can often be resolved via remote computer support. Ask your computer support service provider if there is any new type of remote computer support available, and what their hours of operations are. Also, be sure remote computer support covers both the equipment and software applications. When remote computer support is available for your entire system, the amount of downtime is decreased; providing continued quality care to your clients.

3.     How quickly can I expect repairs?

Talk with your computer support service provider to find out what the typical response time is when requesting computer repairs. Ensure that these time frames are included in the renewal contract so that excessive downtime doesn’t impact productivity.

4.     What updates or upgrades are included?

Ask your computer support service provider if your renewal contract allows for updates or upgrades. And ensure you know the difference between the two. If either of these is not covered in your renewal contract, ask for update and upgrade pricing.

In case you have more queries, you can search for computer support Melbourne or computer help Melbourne on Google. You can also call us on 1300 016 017.

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