5 most common reasons for home computer repairs

home computer repairs

Computer issues can be frustrating and even downright infuriating. It is not just computer repairs that customers need help with. With technology evolving at an overwhelming speed, there are constantly new devices and new security issues that require the expertise of a computer technician. Here are the 5 most common reasons why home computer repairs are required :

1. Repair your computer or laptop
Is your home computer freezing, crashing, taking way too long to turn on, making strange whirring noises, or refusing to connect to the Internet? You might be in need of computer repair. If you can’t seem to resolve the issue even after trying basic troubleshooting tips, give us a call. With more than 10 years repairing computers in Melbourne, we can guarantee, we have seen it all. We will resolve any issues and help you understand why the problem occurred and how it can be avoided.

2. Skip the painful new computer set-up
The gloss of buying a new computer can wear off pretty quickly when you can’t get the thing to work! If you are not able to use it to its full potential, there is no point in having the latest technology. Do you know how to configure your new computer to work with your family’s devices? Do you know how to connect to a wireless printer? When you have spent hours scanning through manuals and trying to decipher computer jargon on help forums, it can all seem overwhelmingly complex. Our mobile computer repair technicians in Melbourne are only a phone call away. We will save you valuable hours and stress.

3. Protect your computer
New technology can make your life more convenient and connected. The downside is that this same technology can leave your computer vulnerable to a range of security issues. Having others leech off your Wi-Fi connection is bad. A breach in your home computer security could mean that a stranger has access to your personal files like bank statements, photos, passwords, and more. Protect your files by having a Melbourne computer repair expert set up an effective security system for your home computer.

4. Recover lost files and data
It’s scary to think that all your personal files and data can be gone in an instant. If you have not set up a regular backup system, you could suddenly find yourself with years of photos, school projects, and business documents simply evaporating. Our computer repair technicians in Melbourne can retrieve lost or deleted data. We can help you configure a file backup system that will protect you from any future losses.

5. Detect and remove viruses
Has your computer been behaving strangely? Is it running slow, or are programs or strange web pages opening repeatedly? It can be because your computer is infected with a virus. All it takes is one click on a dodgy pop-up ad, opening an infected email, or downloading a bad file. Viruses and spyware can wreak havoc on your computer, putting the security of your personal information in danger. Are you looking for a local, down-to-earth computer technician who can help you with computer repairs or maintenance? You can type computer repairs Melbourne into Google. For many years now, QuickTech has been helping residents throughout Melbourne.

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