6 Useful Admin Tools You’re Probably Not Using

6 Useful Admin Tools

Forgetting about many important things in day-to-day life is very common to all of us. The main reason for this is that our head is always filled with so many tasks. Our lives are busy, so, in order to remember such things which are likely to be forgotten, we should utilize technology today. The devices which will help you the most are computers and mobile phones.

Technology has advanced so much that for all problems, it provides a solution, even if it is for those happening in our normal day-to-day life. If our users or readers are facing such problems in daily life, we want to help you to get over them with the help of technology. So we will suggest some simple and effective tools which will help you in both your personal life as well as in your professional life. 

  • Google For You

Google provides a solution for almost all your problems. It has tons of apps free of cost to make your life better with the help of a friendly user interface and technological advances.

From apps like the calendar to a to-do list for day-to-day normal life, it ranges to Spreadsheets and Drive which will help you in organising your personal life, and also in your work-life. If you want memories to be stored and preserved, Google photos will help you with that. Similarly, Google has a set of software for your digital well-being or in maintaining relations with your family like Google Hangouts.

  • Hootsuite

Social Media has become part of our daily life; whether it is for work, or for personal time and enjoyment. Most of us use multiple social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So, what if you get such an application that can manage all these as one. Hootsuite is one such app that will allow us to handle multiple social media accounts together. It enables the users to post something simultaneously on different media platforms and also helps us to manage the posts (both old and new). 

  • Microsoft OneDrive, Office, and Team

Another big name in the technological field, Microsoft also has tons of cool software that will help us to make our life easier by helping out in both work and personal life. MS Office and Team are software that helps us a lot in our professional life. MS office usually includes the 3-top software, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word that are considered the best for presentations and documentation at work. The Team app is very useful to conduct video calls and also official face-to-face meetings for work or business purposes. 

OneDrive is a cloud service from Microsoft which helps us to save files, share them, and also to access them from anywhere we want. OneDrive is usually used for both work and school purposes. Now, by having an account in Office 365, we are able to get 1 TB worth of storage. For OneDrive, there is a premium version available that will help us to enjoy some additional features. 

  • KeePass

One of the most difficult things in our life to remember is various passwords. Ranging from your bank account to internet accounts, everything has a password. Making the password the same and easy for all is unsafe. So we should always make different passwords for different accounts. Managing them is a headache. The use of KeePass is essential in such a situation. It stores all the passwords in a highly encrypted box and locks them away with a master key. By doing so your passwords are safe and protected. This software is available on Windows, macOS and Android.

  • Waze and Google maps

We all travel. It can be to different countries or maybe to pick up someone from a nearby, but new, place. Knowing about the precise route, traffic, etc., will prove to be very useful in such cases. With the help of applications like Google Maps or Waze, such a problem can be sorted out. It not only helps us to identify routes and traffic but also lets us know what attractions are nearby. Make sure you use such software as your travel buddy for precise and helpful information. 

  • Evernote and Wunderlist

Both of this software are professional tools to take in lists, share and/or distribute them, and also to create articles. These applications can be interconnected between different users by creating accounts and thereby sharing files between the users. For example, it is very easy to make a list and share it from home with your partner while shopping. Apps like wunderlist can be connected with AIs like Alexa and thereby making it easier to use. 

There are many such simple apps on the market today, which will help you to make your life much better. Use them and advance along with technology. 

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