When you install an application, it’s not that uncommon for it to leave bits of the application behind on your system – even after you uninstall it again. Many of you might have third-party tools to help scan and get rid of this leftover data. The best way to make sure nothing gets missed after removing an application is to monitor and track the file and registry changes when you install the software.

Let us take a look at these 7 tools which can monitor the software installation.

  1. Advanced Uninstaller Pro

This program has an Uninstall Programs option that does a standard removal and then scans for leftovers and a Monitored Installations option. For this second option, you need to start the installation monitor tray component and then you can right-click on it to start a monitored install using the before and after snapshot method.

  1. Ashampoo Magical UnInstall

This tool is completely free if you use an email address to get a free key. As with all Ashampoo free products, it’s best to use a temporary email service to avoid being bombarded with advertising emails. One major drawback of Magical Uninstall is it won’t work on a 64-bit Windows but still works fine on 32-bit Windows – including 7. Upon selecting the Install, an application option from the menu, you will be asked to browse for the setup installer. Follow the standard snapshot A, install, snapshot B, and compare process. Choose the Uninstall, an application option, in order to remove the application. This tool can backup and reinstall the software at a later time and actively monitor when you launch a setup installer.

  1. Comodo Programs Manager

This is a well-polished tool to monitor and help remove installations. This has some excellent features; such as an install maker option that creates a setup executable from the contents of the monitored software installation; making future installs of the program quick and efficient. It also has quick access to the Windows Features option and a Windows Updates section allows the viewing and possible removal of anything causing issues.

  1. Install Monitor

On the plus side, everything is monitored in real-time so you don’t have to create before and after snapshots which saves a lot of time. This is achieved by a service running in the background (MspySvcHost.exe) that constantly watches for software installations. Then, when you click on the installed program in the Install Monitor window, it gives you information about the size of the install and all the registry and file changes that it created. You can view the selected software’s created content and startup entries.

  1. Primo

Program Installation Monitor (Primo) is a folder/file compare utility. It allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your system and then compare it with a second one. This is done after doing system changes or installing a new software product. The changes report can be produced in TEXT or HTML format and contain a list of all modifications that have taken place between the first and second snapshots.

  1. Total Uninstall

Monitoring a new software installation is done via dragging the installer onto the window. And before you create, the first snapshot will be given the chance to edit the default registry and file locations to be scanned. After waiting for the snapshot to be created you have the option of monitoring just the single application, or several which can then all be uninstalled at once. The rest of the procedure is quite standard and will create the after snapshot and show you the differences in a tree view.

  1. ZSoft Uninstaller

ZSoft Uninstaller has quite a few interesting features built into it. Apart from being able to analyse a software installation using before and after snapshots of the system’s files and registry, ZSoft Uninstaller also has a simple temporary file finder and remover, an empty folders finder and remover, and a very basic start-up program manager. The program runs on the standard formula of taking a before snapshot, installing your software, and then taking an after snapshot; although you do have to give a name to the analysed program yourself.

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Sarah Davis

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