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Cyber Security Tips – How to Stay Safe While Working From Home

If you are stuck working from home, chances are that your computer hasn’t been loaded up with all sorts of security software like your work computer would have done. This means that you are going to need to take your cybersecurity a little bit more seriously. These tips should help. 1. Contact a professional If […]

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Quick and Simple Guide to Keeping Your Laptop and Smartphone Clean

Looking at ways to keep your laptop and smartphone clean is essential in helping you avoid potential problems. Cyber threats continue to become more complex and pose significant risks for laptop and smartphone users. Understanding how to avoid these dire threats is critical in keeping your laptop and smartphone clean without the need for a […]

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Fun Ways to Reuse Your Old Laptop

Computer devices have greatly impacted many areas of our lives. Nearly any modern person can’t imagine a world without a desktop computer or a laptop or a smartphone. While smartphones are indispensable, homeowners are always forced to choose between a desktop and a laptop. Arguably, the main advantage that a laptop has over the stationary […]

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How Do I Fix My Computer Lag

Computer lag is a rather broad term. For some people, computer lag is defined by slow opening programs, apps running sluggishly, or devices not connecting. It doesn’t matter how you define it. Absolutely every computer will start to slow down eventually. Thankfully, a lot of these problems can be rectified. A lot of it you […]

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My Computer Keyboard is Not Working Properly, Why?

Despite the growth of computer input technologies such as voice recognition and touch screens, keyboards have maintained their position as the standard computer input device. Perhaps this is because keyboards not only offer ease of usability but equally, guarantee unrivalled speed and accuracy. Simply put, the keyboard is a major component of your computer and […]

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