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Stay Connected with these Tiny Gadgets While on the Road

The Covid 19 pandemic has hit us all pretty hard. Travelling and mingling with people around the globe remains a…

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How do I enrol my new mobile device?

Have you just bought  a new mobile device? Organizations utilise UEMs to manage, configure, and defend the endpoint devices distributed…

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Mobile app installation issues? Tips to troubleshoot

Updates to the Play Store can create difficulties when installing or renewing Android applications. The app download process gets stuck…

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Have a problem with Facebook on your mobile device? Here are some solutions

Facebook has become an essential element in the field of communications. We use it to link with friends and family,…

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Reasons Why You Should Back Up Your Mobile Devices

We have no doubt that your phone is one of your most prized possessions. You probably store countless priceless pictures…

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Why is My Phone Overheating So Quickly

It is normal for mobile phones to heat up especially when performing very demanding tasks such as gaming, streaming live…

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