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The Advantages of VoIP

Businesses can reduce their telecommunications costs considerably by using Voice over IP for integrated voice and data transfer. VoIP removes the need for two separate lines, as the same IP infrastructure and network is used for both voice traffic and data transfer. Quantitatively, you can save on expenditure, and qualitatively, you can increase production and […]

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Top 5 computer myths

The world of computer technology is crammed with fallacies and prevalent mythologies, most of which are deliberately false. We have listed 5 most common computer myths that many of us believe in. Myth 1: A slow computer is a sign of a malware attack This is probably the most popular myth. Typically, we tend to […]

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Ten of Tesla’s greatest achievements

Perceived as an eccentric man by many, Nikola Tesla displayed remarkable talent and imagination as he matured leading him to many remarkable scientific discoveries which advanced the human race. His most famous invention is perhaps the Tesla coil and his best-known contribution is in the field of modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. Here […]

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Say goodbye to ads with the best 8 ad blockers

The need to install the best ad blockers and privacy extensions becomes more necessary the longer you spend on the web. As inconspicuous as many online ads are, pop-ups that overtake your browsing are almost too much to bear. And then there is the security aspect of bad ads. Cookies and other ad trackers compromise […]

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