Hacks To Get Faster Streaming Video

Hacks To Get Faster Streaming Video

Are you a habitual streamer? Then it is vital to have the best quality streaming! People who stream video or music constantly understand this. On-demand streaming is a great thing.

Fantastic, right? Until your stream pauses, or your video becomes buffering pixels. Here are some hacks to get faster streaming video.

1)     Disable Auto Updates

Auto-updates on a computer happen once a while on its own. The updates may be necessary for your computer, but they are going to hamper your surfing speed. Endless buffering will occur in this case as loads of bandwidth will be used performing the updates.

2)     Fix or Disable Plugins

Go through the plugins on your device after the streaming video device setup has been done. You may find that there are some that you simply do not need. Sometimes these plugins come from a dark site and may be there without permission. They will slow your internet speed, so uninstall any that you simply do not want.

Additionally, you will want to update plugins, like Adobe Flash Player, because they help with video streaming. Updating the plugin will improve the performance and fix any bug issues which frequently cause crashing.

3)     Check Network For Intruders

Check your area for devices using an excessive amount of bandwidth, and also, ought to check your network for any unexpected devices. If you live where people can access your Wi-Fi connection and your Wi-Fi password is weak, someone could piggyback onto your bandwidth. If somebody else is using your internet connection, it could explain why your video streaming service is struggling.

4)     Reset Your Router

The key is to reboot your router properly. You do not want to try to do a factory reset, which can erase all of your settings and force you to start from scratch. Wait for a few minutes for everything to completely close down, and then plug your router back into your power source, modem, and anything else connected. Resetting your router features a lot of benefits for the typical home network.

5)     Use a VPN

A VPN service has several VPN servers globally. Using VPN servers will allow you to connect to stable internet speeds. You may want to visit a VPN website to learn more about using VPN servers as well as proxy streaming device support automation tools.

6)     Watch videos in lower quality

High quality videos are a feature of modern on-line content and gaming. However, when it involves boosting the streaming speed, watching your video is lower quality can help. It loads high-quality videos by using the extra bandwidth, then it lowers the quality. Instead of 1080p or 720p, opt for 360p. This is especially so for YouTube videos.


So, these are some ideas to assist you to stream faster to your device. There is one other thing you can do. Sometimes your equipment requires a fresh start. So, you can just reboot the system by switching it off and on it back on after 5 minutes. For any more updates or consultation, call us on 1300 016 017.

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