Have a problem with Facebook on your mobile device? Here are some solutions

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Facebook has become an essential element in the field of communications. We use it to link with friends and family, obtain information about world events, and promote our business online.

The Facebook app is not free from bugs and crashes. If you are facing an issue where your Facebook app keeps crashing on your mobile device, you have come to the right blog. Let’s look at some common solutions.

1)     Log out from the app

Try logging out of the Facebook app. Sometimes a problem is resolved with your account by logging out then logging back in. Start the Facebook app and touch on the three-bar symbol at the top-right corner. Then tap on log out and once that is done, log in again.

2)     Clear cache

Go to your Facebook app within the Apps Management in Settings, and clear the app’s cache. Your Facebook can keep freezing as a result of your app’s cache accumulating junk over an extended period. Therefore, clear the Facebook cache regularly. If you’re an iOS user, the system will do that automatically. Make sure not to delete any necessary data, just the temporary files.

3)     Update Facebook

If the above methods don’t seem to resolve the difficulty, your next step should be to update the Facebook app for it to stay optimized and stable. Updating Facebook to the latest version should fix the problem. Alternatively, you could also try to install apps on android; because it could also be corrupted and won’t  work unless it is reinstalled.

4)     Disable Power Saving Mode

Sometimes the facility saving mode or battery optimizer mode could be causing the Facebook app to crash. To see whether this is the case, you will need to disable the power-saving mode.

In order to do this, first, go to Settings on your mobile device and click on Battery. Here, disable the Battery Saver mode. Alternatively, turn off the Battery Saver mode from Quick Settings within the Notification panel.

5)     Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, the Facebook feed not loading, or similar problems with the app, are often caused by poor internet connection. So, check this, and if the signal is just too weak, see if you can connect with another stronger Wi-Fi. You can also try disconnecting and joining an equivalent network again.

6)     Reinstall Facebook

If all above-mentioned methods fail to repair the Facebook app issue, now it’s time to delete the app from your mobile device, and install the app again from the App Store. This is the simplest trick that solves issues associated with an app crashing. Hopefully, it will work with the app installation problem.

7)     Reset to Factory Settings

If none of the above methods can assist you in resolving the issue, the last method that you can try is resetting your iPhone. This will delete all your iPhone data.

Open the Settings app then, go to the “General” option. Then, tap on the “Reset” and finally, touch on “Erase All Content and Settings”. If your device is protected with a passcode, then it’ll ask for the passcode to verify the reset settings.


Hopefully, one of the above methods will help to restore Facebook to optimal operating. This guide has provided all methods that can solve the issue related to the Facebook app on your mobile device. If, with the above methods, you can’t solve the problem, then call us on 1300 016 017  for mobile device repair.



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