Help! I Can’t Scroll With My Mouse!


You are in the middle of your favourite eBook or editing a work project and the scroll wheel on your mouse stops working. This can cause considerable distress; especially if you are in the middle of a document and your concentration is broken. You cannot use your mouse efficiently with no scroll wheel, and you are probably thinking anxiously what you can do to bring your scroll wheel back.

Causes of Mouse Scroll Not Working

There are a number of causes for this problem arising. The problems differ based on which mouse you are using, or whether you are a laptop or a PC user. Identifying the right cause alongside your actual scenario is vital if you would like to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, or you can get help from the support team for peripheral setup.

Over time, crumbs and fluff get transported from thumbs and your desk to the scroll wheel and works its way inside the mouse. The wheel also becomes sticky or oily from our fingers, and this causes dust and fluff to stick, intensifying the matter.

Therefore, to avoid being in such an annoying position, below are some tips for resolving this issue, and suggestions on what to do if troubleshooting does not help.

1)     Clean the mouse

Most modern mice do not have rollers to wash anymore, but the scroll wheel is that one mechanical part. This also means it is susceptible to attracting dirt, dust, and food particles. If your mouse is wireless, there are some special wireless mouse cleaning considerations to keep in mind.

2)     Cleaning the Wheel

You can remove bits of fluff with a small screwdriver, tweezers, a piece of thin wire or whatever can gently be put into the small space around the wheel. A small compressor of air, or air gun, is very useful for cleaning parts/equipment and does an excellent job at blowing away this type of debris.

Once you have done this, it is a good idea to spray the wheel with IPA (isopropyl alcohol). This removes oils and grease. Alternatively, wash the wheel in warm soapy water, rinse and allow to dry. This can be assisted with the use of a dry, fresh, and clean piece of linen.

3)     Turn off features

Disabling the acceleration of mouse scrolling and flipping the scrolling direction has proven to be helpful to many users, so try this out below! Click the beginning menu button and go to “Control Panel” when it opens. Click on the top result to open the instrument panel.

You can also click Windows Key + R keys at the same time and type in “exe” in the Run dialogue box. Remember, you can change the outlook in the Control Panel to View by Large icons and click on Mouse.

4)     Hardware issues

In case you still are encountering issues, the mouse is likely defective. Since the repair expenses are generally more than a new mouse, we recommend researching and buying a new mouse. This is the best solution if your mouse is still under warranty.


In case you are still having problems, you can call us on 1300 016 017 for PC setup and wireless mouse setup. Sudden problems in a mouse wheel can arise frequently; like scrolling stops. Before you throw your mouse in the trash, try these troubleshooting tips.

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