How to ensure computer’s long lifespan with computer repair

computer repair to extend pc lifespan

Whether you need to delay a new computer purchase because of uncertain finances or want to reduce your contribution to the e-waste problem, there is a lot you can do to stretch the lifespan of your existing system. The longevity of a computer is not dissimilar to the longevity of a human; partly, it comes down to responsible behavior, genetics, and maybe, just luck.

Simple practices

  • Don’t leave it sitting in hot sunlight.
  • Keep animals and children away. If you have to leave it unattended for a minute, put it somewhere less accessible. Or shut the lid, so that the screen and keyboard are protected.
  • Don’t leave it hanging off the edge of a desk, couch, chair, divan, etc…
  • Don’t eat around it (you don’t want to be flicking pistachio shell pieces off the keyboard, and digging crumbs out of it).
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before using it to minimize dirt and oils transferral ; these can build up over the years.
  • If you only use it sporadically, keep it in the most dust-free location available.
  • When it’s on or in sleep mode, don’t cover it with fabric or leave it in any other environment where there’s no airflow.
  • Don’t leave it charging 24/7. Depending upon the model of your system, leaving it plugged in might cause problems. But using it off-power occasionally lets you spot check battery and system issues. You can use a utility to check how worn your Windows battery is.
  • Don’t smoke around it. Nothing gunks up electronics faster.
  • You should also check the adapter cable periodically, especially if you have got pets. Run your fingers along it and feel for teeth marks. A chewed-through cable won’t ruin your computer – they are designed to stop working if the insulation is punctured — but it can get expensive replacing them.
  • It is easy to ignore basic maintenance, especially if you use your computer every day. You stop noticing the filth after a while. But taking a minute occasionally to inspect entry points around keycaps, the keyboard surface, touchpad surface, speaker grilles, hinge, ports, vents, and screen might save you some money in the long run. Keep the fan vents clear and dust-free.
  • Every now and then, take a look through applications and files, as well as programs and services that run at startup, and jettison anything you don’t need. Doing this probably won’t extend the life of the system, but perhaps it can reduce the heat generated by unnecessary processor activity. Doing a regular clean up of the system means you will experience some real performance improvements, including improved battery life.
  • The best way to make it feel like new is to refresh the operating system, which essentially reinstalls it while leaving your data and files intact; rather than wiping the drive and starting anew.
  • Using accessories, such as an external keyboard, mouse or monitor — even cheap ones — may help save wear and tear on the built-in components and hinge. Once these components of a computer start to get unreliable, the system itself will still be usable if you can find external replacements for the peripherals.

If it seems like none of the practices has helped, you should consider bringing your computer to get mobile computer repair.  QuickTech provides computer repairs.

For further particulars on PC repairs, you can get in touch with us at 1300 016 017.

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