How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Power

Modern laptops are faster and more powerful than the older ones. They also incorporate advanced battery technology that gives them relatively longer battery lives. However, most laptops can only work for two or three hours before needing to be plugged in. This may not work out well, especially for people who may not have full-time access to power ports, such as travelers or students. Fortunately, with a few software adjustments, you can lengthen your laptop’s battery life for a few more hours, even without the help of a laptop technician.

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness

Just like on your phone, your laptop screen is among the main parts that consume the most power. To look clear and bright, the screen needs a lot of power, which reduces the amount available for other tasks. You will find that your battery lasts a little longer when you operate on a low brightness setting. You can turn it down through the brightness button, which is represented by a small sun symbol on the F key row.

  1. Switch Off Wi-Fi

Wireless networking needs more power to keep connected. If you’re not near to the power supply and not even using the wireless connection, then turn off the Wi-Fit switch on your computer. Turn it off by going to Settings>Network and Internet then clicking on Wi-Fi which turns it off if it was on. You can significantly extend the lifespan of your battery just by disabling Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Adjust Your Power Settings

If you are using Windows 10, you can effectively tweak your power settings such that you maintain your device’s maximum performance level when it’s plugged in and minimize performance levels when you are away from the grid to save power. To do this, click on the search box on the bottom left of your screen and search for Power Options. On the subsequent menu, click on the Power Saver option to turn on the basic settings. You can tweak the more advanced Power Saver settings by clicking on Change Plan Settings, which is just above the Power Saver tab.

  1. Eject Peripherals That Are Not in Use

Peripheral USB devices add to the strain on your battery as, in the absence of their own power supply systems, they depend on your laptop’s motherboard for power. Of course, you are not always using your USB stick, mouse or Webcam when away from home so you may want to keep them away from your computer if you want to make the most of your battery.

  1. Get Some Hardware Upgrades

Software tweaks can only do so much on their own. Sometimes, you may need to invest in some hardware to extend your battery life beyond the average length. This should, of course, come after consulting a laptop technician. One of the things you should consider is a bigger, more powerful battery from your manufacturer that can last longer than the one you got out of the box. A cheaper and more convenient alternative would, however, be a portable battery charger, which now means you can extend your battery life by an even longer period.

  1. Battery Care

You don’t need a laptop technician to tell you not to let your lithium-ion battery discharge completely before you plug it in as it shortens battery lifespan and efficiency. Ideally, always charge your laptop when the power gets to 20% or just below that. Try as much as possible not to let it get below 10%.

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