How to fix poor Wi-Fi signals?

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Are you struggling with a poor Wi-Fi signal and have no idea what to do about it? Don’t worry; we have got you covered; because we are going to help you out with some amazing ways that will help you to rectify poor Wi-Fi signals. When we are talking about poor Wi-Fi signals then we are also linking it with Wi-Fi signal extension setup and powerline adapter setup. Let us first have a look at the Powerline adapter setup, and the wifi-extension setup, so that we can examine more thoroughly the methods useful in fixing up a poor Wi-Fi signal.

The position of the wi-fi extension setup plays a very important role; because, if the position is not right then the Wi-Fi signal gets stuck in the wrong range and you get a poor signal, which causes you a lot of issues. Obstructions such as thick walls, or other heavy physical obstacles, can cause disruptions in the wi-fi signal extension setup. Therefore, it is recommended to find the right position from which to access the Wi-Fi signal.

The Powerline adapters setup helps you to increase the performance of the Wi-Fi by transmitting the data across the cabling of the electricity that is installed in your place. When it comes to fixing poor Wi-Fi signals, the powerline adapters setup also plays a pivotal role, because these are the devices that turn the regular electrical outlets present at your place into Ethernet connections.

Poor Wi-Fi signals can really be a pain when you are doing some important work, or playing video-games, or streaming content. In this article, we will guide you through five easy checks that you can complete to enable you to attend to your task, or games, without much interference or issues.

5 quick and easy ways to fix up poor Wi-Fi signals are as follows:

  • Avoid hiding your router

Try not to hide your router behind other devices or electronics; because that will exacerbate the issue of a weak Wi-Fi signal. Yes, routers are not that attractive, but often simply bringing your router into a more exposed position automatically fixes up the issue of a poor Wi-Fi signal.

  • Buy a Wi-Fi extender

If you have a big house or a large office, then your Wi-Fi will have a hard time reaching the extent of the office or home. If this is the case, then you should definitely consider buying a Wi-Fi extender, so that you have a great range for the wi-fi.

  • Check for router updates

One needs to look out for router updates, as you do for an app or game updates. Sometimes, not updating your router can lead to a poor Wi-Fi signal as well. Therefore, one needs to upgrade and update when it comes to the router also.

  • Perform a speed test

You need to first check the speed that your Wi-Fi is giving because that will help you to determine the exact speed. If your speed is very slow, this will affect your Wi-Fi. So, if the speed is poor, then you can ask your provider for a better speed, and this will often help you to fix up the poor Wi-Fi signal.

  • Kick out the outsiders

You probably don’t want to give a chance to freeloaders who piggyback your internet and ruin your wi-fi speed and signal strength. Use WPA encryption which makes it harder to hack, and will also improve your Wi-Fi signal.

If you are still struggling to fix up poor Wi-Fi signals then you can always reach out to us on 1300 016 017. We are here to help you and guide you in the optimal set up for your Internet.

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