Smart Hub Setup

How to install and activate a smart hub on a Samsung Smart TV?

With Smart Hub, you can utilise the web search function, and it will allow you to download and install various apps. It also enables you to stay  in touch with your family and friends through social media services. Furthermore, you can view photos, videos, and hear music files stored on auxiliary storage devices.

You have bought a new Samsung smart TV, and now you are  ready to set up your home smart hubs. Soon, you will be watching your favourite movies, series, and sports events directly via the internet on your television. Samsung is the world leader in the Smart TV business. With 21% overall market share, Samsung leads the charts followed by LG.

Samsung has upped its Smart TV game in the past few years. Just like its smartphones, Smart TVs are getting thinner and smarter. Before you use Smart Hub, you will need to connect the television to the internet to install and activate Smart Hub on your Samsung Smart TV.

Smart Hub also includes a Full Web Browser to navigate the internet.  Here are the steps to installing and activating Smart Hub:

1)     Initial Setup

Smart TVs by Samsung are made to be user-friendly, starting with the out-of-the-box setup process. If you bought a floor model, or a refurbished set, you’ll still go through this first setup process; by resetting the TV within the settings, you set up your new TV as you please.

2)     Internet Connection

To use and download apps, connect your smart TV to the web. Following this blog, you will learn how to do this. Is your TV already connected to the internet? Then you can skip this step.

3)     Search and install apps

Once the initial setup is completed, you will be presented with an inventory of apps to choose from. This list is not exhaustive, but it highlights a few specific apps. If you already know what apps you would like; like Netflix, or Hulu, you can install them here. If you would like an app that’s not offered, you’ll find more through the Samsung app store.

4)     Place the app on the start bar

To quickly access your favourite apps, attach them to the start bar. Go back to the Apps menu and select the Settings option here. In the menu that appears, select the option, “Add to the homepage”, and then press enter. If you wish to remove an app from the start bar, select “delete” from the homepage.


With your apps installed Samsung smart TV and your remote tested, you have successfully finished optimising the TV for your use. This Smart Hub for Samsung TV was introduced in 2011, making several important tweaks between 2011 and 2014. Samsung Apps have developed content to access both their smart TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

Also, remember some of the Smart Hub services are paid services. To use a paid service, you need to have an account with the service provider or a Samsung Apps TV account. The Smart Hub menu showcases your currently watched channel in a small box. While the remainder of your TV settings and content selection options, including Samsung Apps, are displayed on the remaining portion of the screen.

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Justin Tran

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