How to migrate data to a new computer?

migrate data from new computer

Bought a new computer? Well, that’s great! But, what about the data that is stored in your old computer? The  task of migrating your data is not so easy and can be overwhelming. There are many ways where you can transfer your files and data from your old computer to new computer. You can always rely on computer support, because that is the most secure way to to migrate data to a new computer. Given that updating our computer is a part of life, we really need to know how to migrate data to a new computer. There are several options to make this task easier.

Let us have a look at the different ways on how to migrate data to a new computer. If you still feel uncertain, you can then contact computer support for help to make sure the job gets done right!

  1. Direct data transfer with the help of an external drive

External hard drive, SD card or Thumb drive is always a great option for transferring the data to a new computer. All you need to do is copy the files into the external drive from the old computer, and then eject and insert it into the new computer and paste all the data and files to the new computer. The main thing to remember here is the storage data, and you will also have an organized format, so that you don’t need to segregate the data from the scratch. Once your migration process is completed, you should definitely consider storing the files and data on the cloud for easier, more convenient access.

It’s important to note that direct file, or data, transfer will not move the local stored email files and data to the new Computer. Therefore, it is recommended that you store all your important data emails on the email server, so that you don’t have too much work, and all you have to do is just sync directly to the email client on your new computer. The Microsoft Outlook is the best option for this, and also is easy to access at the same time.

  1. Transfer via a Data history backup

This remains one of the best ways to migrate data to the new computer. How? Every other window has a built-in backup utility that helps you to restore the computer’s folders and files. With the help of the windows backup feature, you can always restore the data and the files from an old computer to a new computer. File history is the term for this specific facility.

  1. Migrate with the help of a data transfer utility

This is not the usual method, but can still be effective. There are many file transfer utilities out there, which you need to purchase, and then you can migrate the files and data from old computers to new ones. Before you start with the transferring procedure, you need to note down what apps you need to deactivate or sign out of on your old computer. Some software that is linked with an online account puts certain limits to the number of digital rights management and active installations; this prevents piracy via copying, and therefore you need to make sure that you sign out and deactivate on the old computer before activating and signing in on your new computer.

  1. Transferring and setting up apps on your new computer

On your new Computer, re-download all the apps that you need and sign in as you usually would. After doing this  you should find all your previous data without losing it. This way is considered to be a great way to migrate your data from an old computer to a new computer. So, you need to check the applications preferences, and then set it up on the new computer.

  1. Transferring browser bookmarks to your new computer

This is a unique way which is not used much. But you should always have your backups and options ready so that you never lose your important files and data when transferring it to a new computer. You may want to transfer all of the bookmarks from your previous computer to the new computer’s browser, and there are three methods to do it. Direct sync between the same browser, sync between the windows browser and mac’s safari, and exporting a browser bookmarked files and data to import into a different browser. The first and the second method will keep the browsers in sync, whereas the third method is a manual approach used when you are totally moving to a new computer and won’t be using the old computer anymore.

Firefox, Chrome, and Edge all sync bookmarks all over your devices; if they are all signed into the same account. All you need to do is enable the sync in every other browser on each of the devices that you use. To be specific, you can just sync to the same browser, such as Safari to safari. Apple’s safari is not available for Windows, but you still have an option to complete the procedure with the help of a supported Windows browser; which is Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, and then complete the process.

These are some of the easy ways to migrate data to a new computer. A certain and secure method is to engage computer support, but it is still useful to have some knowledge yourself.

For further assistance and information, you can always reach us at 1300 016 017. We will be happy to help you.

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