How to Position the Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming?

keyboard and mouse

Not only does one need decent gear to be competitive, but you will also need a correct gaming setup as far as comfort and simple accessibility go.

No matter if you are just an off-the-cuff player or hard core professional, it’s important to know the right keyboard and mouse position for gaming. The positioning for must have PC gaming peripherals is important because it allows the user to take a seat for an extended period.

Angle Keyboard & Mouse for Gaming

Let’s say you practice 12-15 hours each day for an Esports championship league. A lazy gaming position can cause strain, injury, lateral epicondylitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Some anecdotal evidence also suggests that prolonged exposure to screen radiation can cause harm to your body.

Therefore, if you would like to position a keyboard and mouse for gaming, you ought to engage in practising proper ergonomics. Ergonomics comprises arranging your mouse, monitor placement, keyboard position and posture correctly.

Monitor distance and height Keyboard & Mouse for Gaming

Everyone is different. Our eyes can focus and converge on objects at various distances. Although studies have shown that merging contributes to straining for the human eye.

One of the simplest ways to decide how far you ought to set your monitor is by measuring your arm’s length including the length of your hand. Start at that distance and adjust to the best distance to accommodate your own eyes.

Figuring out the Keyboard

It’s important to place your keyboard, mouse, and desk properly while using the PC. Improper set up can induce discomfort from holding your arms out. It can also bend your wrists and elbows in awkward ways.

The most ideal position for the keyboard is about 2 to three inches above your knees. It should be centred also. Some users tilt their keyboard but this is often not recommended. While typing, your arms and wrist should remain hovered and level with the keyboard. And your wrist should never bend.

Also, typing should incorporate more of an arm movement; instead of just a finger movement. For instance, you’ll hit the spacebar with a small wrist rotation instead of just forcing the thumb down. You may want to be sure your keyboard is raised or lowered to a comfortable position. You will do that by adjusting your chair to the right height or getting a keyboard tray that allows for this adjustment.

You should only use a wrist rest for resting your wrist after an extended time and not use them while typing. Constantly keep your arms and wrist while typing in hovering position.

Figuring out the Mouse

Keep the mouse within the extent of your reach. Always keep the mouse in front of you and 2-3 inches above the knee. Level it in line with your  shoulder, or just a touch off centre. Keeping the mouse too far away from your reach can strain your arms and wrist.

To help with the correct angle and arm reach, think about using a mouse that rotates on the keyboard while on a  surface level with it. The action should come from your arms and elbows when you are utilising the mouse. It should not be moved just with your wrist.


Your setup must be something that enables optimal comfort. Your head and back should be properly supported, your arms supported and your wrists keeping a neutral position. You can call us on 1300 016 017 for gaming keyboard setup.

The best position for sitting should start on a 90-degree angle, as it is the neutral position. Once you’re during a neutral position, adjust the chair accordingly to support your position.

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