How to Use the Free Video Editor in Windows 10?

free video editor

Do you know what makes you appreciate the magical marvels of modern technology? Yes, professional video editing software is not the sole way you can edit videos in Windows 10.

If you are trying to find a fast and straightforward way to create, edit, trim and add text or audio to your videos, then this is often the right free video editor for you, or you can visit the online technical support as well. Even if you hope to become an expert editor someday, this app is often the launchpad for your career.

1)   Launching The App

To get started, find and launch the Windows 10 video editor. This seemingly simple step is the first challenge. Here is the thing: Windows 10 does not have dedicated video editing software intrinsically. The app we are talking about is your Photos app.

Since it is unlikely that the app is sitting on your desktop or pinned to your Start Menu, you will need to look for it. You can do that by typing “photos” in the Windows 10 search box and then click on the app icon.

2)   The New Project

Once you launch the video editing app, you will start a new project by clicking on the New Video option and selecting a template for your project. Next, you will want to add some media (video and pictures) to your project.

Open a video you would like to create. The application will have various options like New Video Project, Automatic, and Import Backup. If this is your first time in Microsoft Photos, we recommend you select ‘New Video Project’.

3)   Editing Process

Once you have opened the app and selected the video of your choosing, you will get access to many handy features in the editor. Then upload your video media in order to begin the editing process.

The editing process depends upon what your need is, you can now choose from the list of features Microsoft Photos which provides you with trim, the addition of slow-motion, draw, add effects, background music, crop borders and apply filters as well.

4)   Applying Filters

You can give your video an individual look and feel by adding computer graphics to your content using the Filters option. You probably won’t have  a predetermined filter in mind before using this feature. Just play around  with it and see if anything fits.

5)   Applying Motion Effects

When you add images to the Storyboard, Windows 10 Photos automatically applies a motion effect to some of these images. It is also possible to select as well as manage the kind of motion and its direction. Even your videos can end up with remarkable dynamic effects by utilising the Windows 10 features.

6)   Insert 3D Effects

Windows 10 Video Editor offers the choice to feature 3D effects in your project. But unlike the Motion effect that works for both videos and pictures, the 3D effect works with video clips only. The effects enable you to feature adjustable animations in your video clips. In the process, you will resize, rotate, move, and add animation to choose 3D effects.

7)   Duplicating Your Project

Sometimes you will want to create more than one version of your project. Perhaps you would like to keep the original sounds of your video clips in one version of your project, and create another with background music or custom audio.

You can make a replica copy of your project at any stage of editing and work on it at a later time. With a copy of your project safely stored, any new addition or editing will affect only one copy of the project. To do that:

  • Click the Duplicate project from the top of the app
  • Type in a name for the copy of your project
  • Click the OK button, and a replica of your project will be saved

8)   Save Project

When you are satisfied with your project, you will save it on your computer or another location. To do this:

  • Click the Finish video option in the top right corner of the app
  • Then select the resolution or quality for exporting (save) your video
  • Click the Export button
  • Select the location (folder, drive, or USB) to save your project
  • Select and then click the Export button to save your project


It is possible that the free Windows 10 Photo is not going to work for everyone. If you have any other requests or queries, just give us a call on 1300 016 017 for online software installation.

If your needs exceed these limited features and you are checking out Chroma Key, adding transitions between your clips, stickers on your video, or video/image on your video, you might want to consider one of the Movie Maker’s alternatives from the Microsoft Store.

If the computer is running Windows 10 but you can’t find the built-in Windows 10 photo/video editing app, you may need a system update. Check the minimum and recommended system requirements.

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