Improve Your Home Wi-Fi with a Mesh System & Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots

There’s nothing more frustrating than when the internet keeps dropping out at home, or when your home office or living room sofa happens to fall right in the middle of a “dead spot” where the WiFi doesn’t reach.

Thankfully, there is a way to resolve the issue – a wireless mesh network. Let’s first clarify what the difference is between a WiFi extender and a mesh network, before covering how to fix the WiFi dead zones in your house.


WiFi extenders vs. mesh networks

Whereas an extender is a nifty device that gives your router a little “boost” in reaching areas of the home slightly out of reach, a mesh network takes things a step further. It consists of a series of network devices (namely access points, switches and routers) supporting each other in the common goal of improving the strength and stability of an internet connection.

Imagine a small business of six staff. What happens when someone calls in sick? The other five team members work a little harder that day, and collaborate to ensure the tasks still get done. This is essentially how the “nodes” (each device in a mesh network) operate. If one of these nodes fails, then the network immediately reconfigures itself to maintain a steady connection.

What does this mean? Put simply, it means that when your dog’s enthusiastically-wagging tail knocks one of these nodes off the shelf and it unplugs from the wall while you’re on an important Zoom call upstairs, the other nodes will instantly detect this loss of coverage and reconfigure themselves to ensure your home office maintains a steady connection.

And finally, a mesh network can integrate with your smart home hub for added convenience, and it will also provide your WiFI network with 2.4Ghz and 5GHz dual-band support.


Would your household benefit from a mesh network to boost WiFi signal through walls?

If the problem is that you have one or two rooms at the far end of the house which are just out of reach for your WiFi router, then an extender will probably suffice. However, if your home is 250sqm or larger, has two or more storeys and/or has interior brick walls, then you’ll definitely benefit from investing in a strong mesh network.

Given that mesh networks streamline your internet connections, bolster network security and are easy to manage, they are a wise investment for any growing household – especially if you or several family members work from home.


Call QuickTech to fix WiFi dead zones in your house

At QuickTech, our fully qualified and highly experienced technicians are well-versed in the installation and configuration of mesh networks for both residential and commercial purposes. If you’d like to create a mesh network for your home or office, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist. We also provide exceptional WiFI network support, computer installation services, IT support, smart home hub setup and other technician solutions.

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