Is a Smart Doorbell a Smart buy?

Smart Doorbell

What comes to our mind when we hear the word “bell”? A small metallic object, upon pressing a switch, vibrates to and fro making a not so irritating, but loud sound. That concept is being changed rapidly now. The time we live is built around smart stuff. Everything around us is evolving a lot. Even our homes are getting ready to evolve into smart ones. So, naturally, even the doorbells have become smart. 

Today’s smart doorbells cannot be compared with their predecessors. It works as a simple security camera, or even as a notification-giving device as well as its original function as a doorbell. 

Can it be considered a smart buy?

Of course. The newly introduced smart bells are surely something which we can call a smart device. I wouldn’t say it has fully completed the evolution though. It means, there are many ways in which the smart bell can become better in the coming years. 

Now, a smart bell comes with a few options. Firstly, it is a bell that chimes when the sound button is pressed. Secondly, it comes with a security camera which is capable of recording the surroundings and also uploading them into a storage space online. The camera is also equipped with a motion sensor and night-ray vision. Lastly, as a messenger for letting us know who’s waiting. 

But soon, we can expect the evolution of the current bell, which will have many more features included. 

What to keep in mind while purchasing a smart doorbell?

One of the main things we should check is whether the new smart bell would fit in place of the old one. Especially the electric connection, output, etc. Many smart bells provide an option to make it work along with the existing chime. Others require total replacement. Take note that the smart bell is easy to handle and to learn its usage. 

One major requirement for a camera attached smart bell is high-speed internet with a minimum speed of 2Mbps. 

In the case of a wireless smart bell, make sure to recharge the battery always to keep it functional; or else the doorbell won’t function whilst the batteries are recharging.

The next thing is the positioning of the motion sensor to avoid false alarms and unwanted notifications. Set it in such a way that it won’t sense any common movements, like the passage of a vehicle or movement of an animal like a cat. 

Another point we think about is whether they can operate well in different weather. The smart bells are made to withstand optimal conditions like heat up to 40 C and also cold temperatures. They are water-resistant to a certain extent. The smart bells are fixed tightly on the wall or surface so, it is not easy to remove them also. Any such attempt will be monitored and captured by the motion sensor. 

In terms of cost, they range from $60 to $300 dollars depending on the brand. Big names sell more expensive products compared to regular ones. Also, their quality may vary. The smart bells are a great addition to your smart home. So try to purchase one and experience the advancement in technology. A few top-rated smart bells are mentioned below for your convenience. 

Arlo Video Doorbell

  • Priced at AUD 219. 
  • For capturing better-quality videos, it supports HD and HDR recording.
  • Precise Motion detection with alerts to a linked phone.
  • Night-vision cam and able to view 180 degrees. 
  • Two-way audio speakers for talking to the guest. 
  • Weather-resistant (Rain, Cold, and Sun)
  • Wire installation is available for connecting to the existing doorbell connection. 
  • Able to record and watch the recordings later. 

The only fault is without a subscription, only limited features are available. 

Google Nest Hello 

  • Costly: ranging between AU$250-280.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Can be controlled with Alexa
  • 24/7 streaming with a subscription. 
  • Good facial recognition and high clarity camera lens for quality recording. 
  • 850 nm night-vision sensors 
  • Two-Way audio system available 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro by Amazon

  • Priced between A$180-200
  • Works with Alexa 
  • 1080p HD recording available with the help of the RING app downloaded online. 
  • 150-degree capture (Slightly less than the other two) with night-vision 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Weighed at 272 g
  • Easy installation and two-way audio for speaking with the person outside. 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 

There are many other smart bells available today. The best-selling ones at present are mentioned above. By checking online more, you can find cheap and decent quality ones from online sites. 

The present time is influenced by the concept of getting smart. Every device around us is evolving to get smart and match people’s expectations. A smart doorbell can function as a multi-purpose device so it will be useful. 

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