TV Wall Dismount

Is it hard to dismount TV from the wall?

On the off chance that you need to dismount your wall TV, your first thought might be to call up a specialist to help you unmount it. Despite the fact that this can take some time, you can do it without anyone else’s help. Moreover, with the following step-by-step instructions, you should be able to manage safely removing the TV from the wall mount.

You may be apprehensive, but by utilising the correct method and tools you should be able to eliminate any damage to the wall and the TV. There are various ways that you can safely and appropriately do TV dismounting:

1)     Unplug everything

Ensure no leads remain connected. They can get tangled, making it hard to move the TV, or difficult to remove it from the divider. It is essential to unplug the links carefully with the aim of not allowing any harm to the TV or peripherals.

2)     Call Friends

First of all, let friends help you. Regardless of how handy you are, uninstalling TV sets from a TV divider mount will require two people to lift the enormous screen from its wall-mounted bracket.

Doing it all alone increases the likelihood of damaging or ruining your TV. You don’t need that to occur. Having to request help from others is far better than a broken TV!

3)     Eliminate safety locks

Note that some  TV mounts do have locks. These might be locks with keys that accompany the mounts, or they might be flip bolts or siding bars. You will need to unlock them before you can get off.

4)     Put aside the TV

Sometimes there are ties joining the TV to the divider, if they are not removed before dismounting, they may connect once more. Pull at the cord and gently move the TV away from the divider. You will need someone to help you do this. Once you have removed all screws, locks or cords, lift the TV off the mount.

Once you have removed the TV, place it in a position where the back is facing outwards. You would prefer not to scratch the screen, so it is sensible to put it face-down on a blanket or an old bedsheet.

5)     Each Wall Mount Is Different

Each divider mount is unique; however, the vast majority of them are based on a standard structure. Normally, the main thing different is the number and size of the screws.

Therefore, ensure that you have a suitable screwdriver so that there are no curveballs. Another test could be opening the locks, for this you would use the unique key that accompanied your divider mount.

6)     Call Experts

Regardless of whether anyone is available to loan you a hand, and even if you are happy to do the hard work yourself, it may be wise to leave things to the experts. To remove TV from a wall mount, it is best to have a friend to help and the right tools for the job!


If you follow this advice, it is possible to successfully dismount your TV from the divider, ready to move to its new home. If you require professional help, you can simply call us on 1300 016 017 .


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