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Learnings of how to import a calendar from Excel to Outlook from computer support specialist?

Have you stored contact data in Excel workbooks or created calendar events in Excel to take advantage of formulas and fill features when creating a large number of events? You might be wondering how to import a calendar from Excel to Outlook. Well, it’s quite straightforward to move the data to Outlook.

  • Name the columns your data is in; you can use whatever name you want.
  • Map it to Outlook fields.
  • Or export to Excel format.
  • Delete the data from the workbook.
  • Enter your data.
  • You will need to name the used range of cells in Excel.

Save Excel Worksheet

If you are importing all of the data in the worksheet, save the workbook in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. This is the easiest way to import an Excel worksheet trouble-free. And it’s recommended using CSV format when possible. Do you have data in cells that you are not going to import?

  • Create a named range.
  • Select your used data range.
  • Type a name.
  • Include the field names in your selection and press Enter.
  • Save the workbook as an Excel 97-2003 workbook.
  • Close Excel.

Import into Outlook

  • Go to File, Import and Export.
  • Select Import from a file.
  • Choose Microsoft Excel as the source.
  • Browse to the workbook file.
  • Select the Calendar (or Contact) folder.
  • Select the named range.

Do you export to Excel to get the field names? You will see two named ranges when you import. Just ensure to select the correct named range. If you are not using the field names that Outlook uses, you will need to map your fields to Outlook’s fields. Press Next when ready and finish the import.


Only Outlook 2013 and up can save as a CSV file. Outlook 2007 uses the *.xls format instead of the *.xlsx file format. Import calendar data into a calendar folder in *.pst or your mailbox. You can’t import into a public folder calendar or secondary Exchange mailbox. To import, create a calendar folder and move the appointments after the import. Use the same steps with Contacts, choosing a Contacts folder. Did you drop a field on the wrong Outlook field? Do it again on the correct field and Outlook will remove it from the other field.

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