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People switch from Hotmail to Gmail for various reasons, regardless of the purpose behind the switch, it is very easy to achieve. Most people switch to Gmail for their business purposes, and that is when they need small business IT support in order to make things work more efficiently. Gmail is a very good option when it comes to business, and many people switch to Gmail. So, how do we export our contacts from Hotmail to Gmail? Because if you already have an existing account with Hotmail, then you already have your contacts in that. Many people may wonder how to do this, and make sure all their contact information is transferred properly. In this blog, we will explain how to export your contacts from Hotmail to Gmail.

If you have already added a Gmail account and you are in the process of switching over, it’s good to know that you can transfer upto 3,000 contacts at a time from Hotmail to Gmail. For this, all you need to do is just follow the steps and instructions that are mentioned below.

Step 1 – Sign into your Hotmail Account first and then click on the Contacts link.

Step 2 – Click Manage and then Export. If prompted, all you need to do is enter the 8-character security code to proceed further.

Tip: Highlight the contacts. You can listen to the security code if your screen does not display it properly.

Step 3 – When the box pops up allowing you to save your contacts as a CSV file, click Save.

Tip: Paste to a spreadsheet. Save the file to your desktop or another folder that is easily accessible.

Step 4 – Sign into your Gmail Account and then click on the Contacts button.

Step 5 – Select Import from the More Actions Menu and choose the CSV that you had saved. Then click on the import to complete transferring your contacts. Now, you can compose an email from the contact list without having to toggle between the programs in order to get the address.

These are the steps that need to be done step-by-step in order to correctly export the contacts from Hotmail to Gmail. If you get stuck along the way, then QuickTech is always here to help you. We provide IT support services along with small business IT support which can make your work easier. All you need to do is just call us on 1300 016 017.

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