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Looking for troubleshooting tips? Contact a computer technician.

Do you panic when something goes wrong with your computer? Are you wondering how to get your system back up and running as quickly as you can? An enormous number of things can go wrong with a computer. This is because everyone’s system and settings are slightly different. You might not know where to begin when it comes to troubleshooting your way back. Before you type computer help Melbourne into Google – which we would still advise in a lot of cases – run through these simple measures to see if you can get the problem fixed yourself.

1. Run a thorough virus scan
Initiate your virus-scanning software and launch the most detailed scan available. Leave it to do its work. Check the program settings to see what type of scan is available. Ensure your scanner is updated first. Antivirus scanners can occasionally miss threats, or be disabled by them. Many antivirus developers make on-demand scanners which can be installed together with your main security software as a second layer of protection. Has your system become sluggish? Is your system suddenly behaving strangely? Or does your system seem overrun with advertising? It is worth running a scan. Your antivirus program will know how to combat the threats.

2. Update your software
Most PC problems are due to outdated and unpatched software, from outbreaks of ransomware to glitchy keyboards. Ensure you apply any updates that are pending. It is important to check for updates to your other applications, including your web browser and your antivirus program, even if you have set them to update automatically. Consult the built-in help options in case you get stuck. After applying all the updates, your problems might be fixed. If they were, maintain this routine to prevent future problems.

3. Test your Wi-Fi connection
This troubleshooting technique only applies to internet-related problems. With an Ethernet cable, plug your computer into your router. If you still do not get internet and nothing connected to Wi-Fi is getting internet (like phones and tablets), then the problem might lie with your router hardware or your internet service provider. If this is the case, your best option is to get on the phone to the company and ask for assistance. Can some devices get online and others can’t? This points to problems with those specific devices. Reboot those gadgets, update the software installed on them, and switch Wi-Fi off and back on again. This will establish the connection from scratch. If your computer can get online when plugged directly into the router, but not when it is browsing over Wi-Fi, you might be looking at a problem with your Wi-Fi network. Restart your router and dive into its on-board settings. A quick web search based on the router’s make and model might give you some information about troubleshooting tricks you can try.

4. Reinstall the operating system
Doing this can wipe out troublesome programs, erase many viruses and types of malware, and reset your internet connection settings. In short, it gives you a blank slate. Ensure that you have all your data backed up before starting the reinstallation process. By setting your system back to square one, you are wiping away whatever was causing the issue you are having. There is no guarantee it will work; however, and you may require assistance to ensure this process is done properly. We can’t promise that these tips will solve every problem you are having, but they will at least enable you to rule out some basic possibilities as far as root causes go. We encourage you to consider the importance of computer services, computer technicians, and computer support. They should be your next call if your computer is still struggling. For further enquiries and queries, you can search for computer support Melbourne on Google or reach us at 1300 016 017.


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