Miss the Movie Theatre? Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theatre Setup

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Do you love to watch movies? Perhaps you might be missing the movie theatre, right? It’s not possible to enjoy a film in the theaters with extra-buttery popcorn. But fear not! Keep reading to learn how you can get pretty close to replicating the movie theater experience at home. Here is how to give your living room a movie-watching upgrade:

  1. Turn off motion smoothing for your own sanity.

Motion smoothing fundamentally creates extra frames between each frame of a movie in an attempt to simulate more frames per second, and thus a smoother image. This has the unintentional effect of giving whatever you are watching the look of a soap opera. This is why it is often called the “soap opera effect”. If you want to watch movies like you are in a theater, turn off motion smoothing.

  1. Attune your TV screen

You think there is nothing wrong with your TV when enjoying your favourite sitcom, news broadcast, or animated flick. But you may not be seeing everything you should, especially with darker shows or movies. If you want to get the most out of your TV’s ability to handle dark lighting, bright colours, and proper contrast, you will need to recalibrate it.

Tuning includes regulating various picture settings on your TV and media player to view a movie as it was intended. It is not that complicated, as long as you have got yourself the proper tools. In order to properly attune your setup for movies, you need the help of a “benchmark” test disc. This is used to adjust settings for a movie-watching experience that takes care of the setup.

  1. Buy a proper Blu-Ray player

If you have got a console like a PlayStation 4, you can play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, but that is where it stops. For 4K content, you will need an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, and Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs.

  1. Embrace your bias lighting

A bias light or backlight is a simple but welcome addition to any home theater setup, whether you are watching films, playing games, or just late-night channel surfing. Are you wondering why you should use a bias light in the first place? It puts less strain on your eyes. It helps your eyes better appreciate contrast on the screen.

  1. Prepare your Internet connection

If you do not have a library of discs, or an expensive box to stick under your TV, then you need to properly prepare your Internet connection to get high-definition movies to your TV as fast as possible. Wireless streaming is great, but you will get a more stable connection and a higher image quality with a direct connection. That is where the humble Ethernet cable comes in. Connect it to your streaming media box or TV itself and you need not worry about the limits of wireless data transmission.

  1. Get a soundbar

Visual fidelity is vital for the best-viewing experience. Audio makes or breaks a movie, especially if your home theater setup depends on your TV’s internal speakers. Most TVs can’t handle the higher or lower frequency ranges vital to a theater-like experience. Correct the problem using a soundbar and subwoofer setup.

QuickTech can fix all your problems and we are just a call away! Dial 1300 016 017 and we can do Surround Sound System Setup for you!

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