Mobile app installation issues? Tips to troubleshoot

Mobile app installation issues

Updates to the Play Store can create difficulties when installing or renewing Android applications. The app download process gets stuck and never finishes and often has other problems.

Many end-users face obstacles while using Google Play Store during mobile device setup. One of the most common problems faced by the user is the installation error, which prohibits the app from being downloaded into the phone. Here is what you can do when the Google Play Store does not work for you and perhaps even fix it.

1)      Install Updated Version

It is silly, but sometimes a Google Play update is available but won’t automatically download until days after being released. If you get the Android Package (APK), you will have the most recent version immediately though.

2)      Check Storage Space And Connection

The first thing to check you is whether or not you’ve got a stable internet connection and a sufficient amount of space for storing. In addition, make sure you disable your VPN as it might be the cause of preventing the download.

3)      Try To Pinpoint The Problem

First of all, you’ll want to make sure the matter is at your end and not a wider problem with Google. Check the Play Store status,and check if loads of people are reporting a similar problem. If the problem is on the user end, it’s a good idea to restart your phone.

4)      Turn On Airplane Mode

Switching to Airplane Mode, then turning it off, will help the Google Play Store get back on track. It’s worth a  try, right?

5)      Delete Play Store Data

Similar to other apps, the Play Store app also collects configurations and settings as temporary data on your device. Sometimes, these files might be the reason why you’ve got issues within the Store. To fix it, simply remove the Play Store app files and you’ll be good to travel.

6)      Check Date And Time Setting

This might sound silly, but this happens a lot and can be the cause of many Google Play Store issues. This could be because of Google’s servers having strain to sync with your date and time settings. Go back and set them on automatic, if they are not. If that does not help, just set any time and date that you like. Sometimes manipulating the time and date settings will resolve the issue.

7)      Switch Mobile Data To Wi-Fi

A lot of apps won’t install if you are on an unreliable internet connection, which is a common issue with mobile data. To switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi, swipe down from the highest point of your screen with two fingers to open Quick Settings. Press and hold on the Wi-Fi icon to open its settings, where you will find an inventory of nearby networks.


We hope one of these methods gets your apps on Play Store installed. If none of these helped, the matter is more complicated than usual, and you ought to consult technical support. Just give us a call on 1300 016 017 for mobile app installation services.

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