My Computer Keyboard is Not Working Properly, Why?

Despite the growth of computer input technologies such as voice recognition and touch screens, keyboards have maintained their position as the standard computer input device. Perhaps this is because keyboards not only offer ease of usability but equally, guarantee unrivalled speed and accuracy. Simply put, the keyboard is a major component of your computer and without it, it would be nearly impossible to work on your laptop or desktop. From gaming to surfing, nearly every computer-related task requires the use of keyboard from its initiation to completion.

The keyboard is a robust and durable device that doesn’t always get damaged. However, for some unknown reasons, keyboards on both desktops and portable laptops may suddenly fail to work properly. Though not a common issue, when it occurs, keyboard failure can dramatically affect your computer-related tasks. Today in this post, we want to discuss some of the most common causes of keyboard failure. Read on and get to know.

Physical damage:

If you have spilled water or any other type of fluid onto your keyboard, the chances are always high that its keys will short out and you’ll experience problems as a result. The problem could even become more serious if the liquid is salty. In the case of pure water, provided the water fully and quickly evaporates, your keyboard should regain its functionality after a short while. Of course, if there is serious damage to your computer keyboard, you should act fairly fast and have it examined and subsequently repaired by a qualified computer repair technician.

It is also imperative to note that dust particles can equally cause physical damage to your keyboard, resulting in keyboard failure. Thankfully, with a jet spray device at your disposal, you can easily get rid of dust. Of course, if this doesn’t work, make a call to your local computer service provider for assistance.

Driver and software problems:

A corrupted driver is arguably one of the major causes of unresponsive computer keyboards. On most occasions, laptop keyboard drivers run into functionality problems because of newly installed third party programs or applications. If you have third-party enhancement software including keyboard drivers from a different manufacturer or key remapping application, try uninstalling it and see if your keyboard is responding properly. If you are using a wireless keyboard and the keyboard is misbehaving, just know that there might be some Bluetooth connection problems that might be affecting your keyboard’s functionality. A certified computer technician should help you to solve these types of problems accordingly.

It is also worth mentioning that a computer virus can also damage keyboard drivers and cause your keyboard to stop working properly. What’s more, switching off your laptop without following the recommended shutdown procedures can also result in damage to both the OS and drivers. Though you can easily reinstall the drivers for your keyboard, it is always a good idea to have your machine examined, diagnosed and expertly repaired by a professional.

The driver-update issue:

If you are experiencing problems with your keyboard all of a sudden, check your computer to see if there are a few update notifications. Manufacturers occasionally run various updates to help eliminate all bugs as well as other issues. So if your keyboard is unresponsive, there is a possibility that your computer is in dire need of a driver update. Act fast and visit the official website of your computer’s manufacturer and check for a software update. If available, go ahead and install them.

Low battery levels:

If you didn’t know, a low battery can also affect your computer keyboard’s functionality. This is especially common with wireless keyboards. You’ll find that if you are running a full-screen program on a low battery, your keyboard will start misbehaving each time a low-battery warning pops up. This should be easily be fixed by plugging your computer into a power source. If you are using a wireless keyboard, try replacing the low batteries.

You can contact us if the keyboard doesn’t work even after trying these troubleshooting tips. QuickTech is always at your help right when you need it most. Give us a call on 1300 016 017.

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