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My TV has Sound But No Picture! Why?

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My TV has Sound But No Picture! Why?

Have you just realized that your TV has no picture but the sound is okay? If yes, then it means that there are a few issues that need to be fixed. In this article, we are going to tell you the possible reasons why your TV has no picture but the sound is okay and the possible solutions.

1. Loose or damaged cables

If your TV is getting its signal from an external source. I.e. a cable box or a DVD player, then the possible reason why it is not displaying a picture is that the cable connecting the TV to the cable box or DVD player is loose or damaged. The cable that is responsible for displaying a picture is the yellow cable. Check it to see if it is loose. If that is the case, then fix it and check to see if the problem is fixed. If there is still no picture, then the cable is damaged and needs to be replaced. Visit your nearest TV repair expert and buy a new cable.

2. Check TV settings

Another reason why your TV is not displaying the image is that you have changed the settings or someone else has changed the TV settings without your knowledge. Click menu then go to the image section and check if everything is set properly. Check to see if the TV’s brightness and picture settings are okay. If they are not properly set, make necessary adjustments and check to see if the TV starts to display picture.

3. Problem with TV signal

Sometimes your TV may not display picture because of a signal problem. The best way to know if there is a signal problem is to switch to another channel to check if it is fine. If other channels show a picture, then it means that your TV has no problem. If there is a signal problem, then all that you need to do is to wait for the problem to be fixed. You can also call your cable service provider and inform them about the problem.

4. Damaged TV screen

Another possible reason why your TV is not displaying pictures but the sound is okay can be the damaged TV screen. There are many things that can damage TV screen including extreme temperature, electrical surge, burn in among many others. The good thing is that the damaged TV screen can be replaced by a reputable TV repair expert. Repair of a TV screen is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. However, if you want to get the best results, then you need to hire a reputable and experienced repair TV screen expert.

In conclusion, if your TV screen is not displaying the picture and you don’t seem to figure where the problem is, then QuickTech is here to help. We have successfully repaired many TV screens and we will definitely repair yours within the shortest time possible. Our TV repair services are also very affordable. Don’t wait, call us today and let the experts repair your TV screen.

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