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PlayStation stopped working? Here’s how to fix it

Many PlayStation 4 gamers struggle when they can’t activate their computer game console. When they hit the facility button on their PS4, the console either won’t activate or the indicator flashes then it turns off immediately. When this happens, it may help to clean out any dust and debris from the lead input. Sometimes a little bit of dust or debris can prevent the power supply powering up the console, so removal of this will solve your problem.

Let us discuss some of the common issues and how to fix these issues.

1)     Lightning Storms

Both lighting storms and power surges have the potential to disrupt the power supply or other components on the motherboard. If there was a lightning storm or power surge recently, that is probably why your gaming PS4 setup is not turning on immediately. It is strongly recommended that you unplug the power when there’s warnings of lightning.

2)     Keeps Disconnecting

PlayStation Network (PSN) is the lifeforce behind the web functionality of PlayStation consoles. When you lose these controls, it can feel like you’re missing half of what makes the PlayStation so great. Switch off the PS4, unplug the router for a while (typically 30 seconds). Then, plug the router back in, and it will reboot the router’s DNS and IP settings.

3)     Auto Ejects Disc

Some consoles fail to eject discs, while others automatically eject discs upon insertion. Some reports have even claimed that the console will continuously “eject” a disc when there’s no disc inserted. Try disconnecting the AC cord and the extra connection cables. Then take off the console’s front panel before following the extraction tutorial outlined on the PlayStation support on their website.

4)     Disk Errors

Most of the time, the only reason multiple errors occur is due to corrupted game data. A common cause of this is a power surge to the console. This causes the data to corrupt during an initial install or an update. It can also happen when an update or install is stopped through a forced shutdown, restart or internet connection loss. If this happens to you, you’ll need to reinstall your game to clear up the problem!

5)     Mechanical Failure

While the PS4 might contain electrical parts, it still has some mechanical components. After a while, these parts may begin to falter due to general wear and tear or misuse. In such situations, regularly check if there is a smell from your fan vent. Signs to be aware of are; a burning electrical smell, or a loud whirring sound from the fan. They will need professional repair attention. Power down the console and seek advice.


If your PlayStation 4 won’t activate due to bugs, you will not be ready to fix it since these will result in hardware damage inside the console. That is when you should seek assistance. You can contact us on 1300 016 017 if you have any queries.


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