Questions to Ask Before TV Wall Dismount

TV Wall Dismount

Mounting your TV is a great idea, right? It works well being in a central position and it takes less space on the wall. The benefits of a wall-mounted TV are obvious, but what happens when you need to dismount the TV from the wall?

There are several important things to bear in mind if you don’t want the dismount to turn into a disaster. Therefore, before you mount a TV, we suggest that you consider asking a few questions about removing a  TV from a wall mount.

One of the best things about the high definition TVs is that they are flat and can be mounted on the wall easily. Mounting will save lots of space in your house, and you won’t need to buy a TV stand.

1)     Will Wall Be Able to Take the Load?

Unless it is a very old house, you will probably have two different types of the wall: brick and plaster & stud walls. Most walls can support a TV, but you need to be particularly careful with stud walls. Ensure that you have got the ideal fittings for the wall. Most of the wall mount companies sell the mounts with correct fixtures.

2)     Where Is the Place for Accessories?

Once the TV is securely wall-mounted, you will connect and fine-tune all of your devices which will include cable, media player, computer game consoles, etc., and there will be remotes to control these devices. You may be intimidated by the size of the set-up manuals! Maybe you are good at guessing, or you have a friend who is tech-savvy and can help in figuring out things.

3)     Do You Have All the Tools?

Before undertaking the task of unlocking the TV wall mount, you need to know what tools you will need for the process. For instance, essential tools you will need include a permanent magnet, a drill, the proper size drill-bit, and a screwdriver. If you have not performed DIY tasks within the house lately, you may need to refresh the way to use these tools.

4)     What Is the Price?

There are various TV wall mounts on the market with varying prices. The low-priced wall mount might attract you over other expensive wall mounts. Think of the quality, and whether they can hold up your TV. You can easily get a wall mount within your budget without sacrificing the standard.

5)     Are There Any Environmental Factors?

First, think about where you would prefer to mount your TV and analyze external environmental factors that would impact your experience. Sound systems that have a wireless subwoofer create an excellent entertainment experience with minimal setup hassle and don’t leave any leads running across the room.  After mounting your flat screen, consider how you will hide the lead cables from the DVD, computer game players, and other devices connected to the TV.


When you hire a specialist TV installer, you won’t have any worries concerning the tools or expertise that you will need to accomplish the task. You can call us on 1300 016 017 for TV dismount service.

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