Reasons to seek expert’s help for wall mounted TV installations

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Thinking about mounting your TV? Whether you have just gotten a fresh TV or you have had yours for years, your flat screen was meant to be mounted, and there is no time just like the present to get started. Doing it yourself could seem sort of a relatively walk in the park. But how will you feel if you spend hours on the project only to seek out the TV’s crooked or does not work properly? That is why you need a professional as they will get the work done perfectly for the first time. It will help to save you time and money both. Here is why:

1)     Wired Mess

When it involves TV installation, you furthermore may get to consider the wiring system also. The wires hanging down your walls are unpleasant to seem at. Professionals keep this in mind once they are close to beginning the method of wall mounted TV installations. They will dig your wall to cover the wiring system, providing aesthetically pleasing results. This is employment you ought to not try doing unless you’re qualified to try to do so.

2)     Safety First

Having knowledgeable people hanging your TV means you do not need to risk completing the installation yourself. You might not have the right tools, bracket or skill set to be able to complete the job safely.

Is your mount capable of mounting on a gyprock wall with no studs? Make a wrong move and you would possibly have a 30+kg TV slump the wall on an innocent bystander or pet. We do not want you to go on a drilling spree into the wall especially without understanding which electrical or plumbing services are hiding in there. Drilling in the wrong spot could cause a serious water leak or even electrocution!

3)     Ensure Correct Mounting

When you let knowledgeable people handle things, you get to rest assured that not only are you getting the right mount for your TV, but you are also ensuring that your television is mounted correctly.

Why does this matter? It is because the last thing that you want is for your TV to fall. This can also potentially damage your wall or even worse hurt someone in your family. Get the peace of mind you deserve by having the mounting done correctly the primary time.

4)     Heavy lifting

Despite how sleek and thin flat screens became, they still weigh quite a lot. It is possible that your TV might weigh over 100 pounds believe it or not.

There is positively no guilt about uplifting the weight on your own for long periods in feeling weary. If you are not equipped to hold such an important load otherwise you don’t have someone around to help you, hiring knowledgeable TV mounting service will keep things simple and minimize the likelihood of you throwing out your back.

5)     Equipment and tools required

There are specific tools and equipment required to wall mount a TV properly and you almost certainly don’t have all the tools available, and why would you?

You only have to pay for them and use them once? When you hire knowledgeable people, they need all the proper tools and equipment to finish your TV installation.

6)     Comfortable Viewing

Whether you are after a flat/tilt or full swivel bracket, our technicians carry TV brackets to fit your needs. Getting the TV mounted at the right height, on the proper bracket may result within the optimal viewing angle. This will ensure everyone within the room is going to be ready to see the screen and you won’t find yourself with neck cramps from looking up all the time. When you are watching TV, you would like to be within the most comfortable position possible.

7)     Technical Requirements

The process of putting in a TV is crammed with complicated technicalities and tiny details. Firstly, you could get the angle of the TV wrong. To make sure that the TV is attached perfectly you’ll need proper measurements of the TV bracket and where to drill the holes.

Imagine spending hours on TV wall mounting only to seek out that it is slightly tilted. Also, the concept of repeating it all from scratch sounds tiring.


Mounting an upscale TV on the wall is often a scary, stress-filled activity. But it does not have to be! Just give us a call on 1300 016 017 for a TV wall mount installation service at your home.

We may even be able to get a technician to come out to your place today. We look ahead to professionally mounting your TV so you can appreciate the best and safest viewing experience possible.

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