Setting up your mobile device for the first time? Here are some hacks

You just opened your new mobile device from its packaging and you are stoked!? Congrats! Having a smartphone opens up an entirely new world of videos, articles, social networks, educational content and interest groups. Can’t wait to explore all the interesting stuff out there, right? Here are a few tips for your mobile device installation.

1) Transfer Media and Contacts

The first thing to try to do is to manoeuvre your favourite pictures, videos, contacts and files. Select the OS of your old phone and new phone to ascertain recommended steps for transferring your content.

2) Do Not Disturb (DND) Rules

Are you forever forgetting to mute your mobile before school or your weekly staff meetings? Do Not Disturb Automatic rules were made for you! This is an excellent option, allowing you to avoid distractions or noisy notifications during important meetings or events. You can also decide whether notification sounds/vibration/icons/dots are suppressed during DND within the Behaviour section. You can set more specific rules for what DND does and doesn’t let through within the Exceptions section.

3) Protect Your Phone

If you have got an existing email address that you simply wish to sync together with your Android phone, this is often where you will add it. Like most of the steps during this list, this is often done at a later date. But we strongly recommend doing this. If you lose your device, this security measure may be a key step in preventing unwanted access to your device. This is achieved through facial recognition for phones that support it, fingerprint recognition, or with an easy PIN (distinct from the one for your SIM).

4) Connect Email Accounts

Are you ready to read and send email from your new smartphone? It might sync with multiple web-based email accounts; including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail. Setup is often as simple as tapping your phone’s email app and entering your login information.

Setup can vary between phone and email clients. Install new apps like mail and others often contain settings that permit you to select how often new emails are pushed to your phone and the way you will be notified when a new email arrives.

5) Check for Updates

Sometimes phones ship with one version of the smartphone, but by the time it lands in your hands, there might be an update waiting to be done. It is a simple check from the Settings menu, and it is worth doing just to get the update out of the way; especially if it means restarting your phone.

The update can take a while, or maybe require a reboot. It is good to get this out of the way early because updating apps like the Google Play Store might alter the setup experience.


We would strongly recommend you to purchase a sturdy case to protect your new mobile device setup. Take the time to research your phone’s model and best case.

Sort through the lists and submenus to get familiar with the locations of various features. This will save loads of your time afterwards, and you will even discover some new things about your device.

If you still have any queries, feel free to call us on 1300 016 017  and we will certainly help you!

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