‘Support’ is more important than ‘IT’ in IT Support

Many IT support companies are efficient and provide support to people with their desired qualifications. True, it is much easier to define the technical requirement of the support role in qualitative and quantitative terms. It is more subjective when it comes to the support element. Even in small business IT support, one has to consider the support element; because this is what will help the business to go further.

Every IT support service has its own philosophy and here, we extend the support definition to include deepening the engagement between the IT guy and the client that is assigned to your account. These may be summarized as:

  •       Understanding your business and knowing where it is going.

To understand the business in depth, which includes understanding the problems going on in the business, and at the same time, taking ownership of the IT dimension of any challenges.

  •       Acting as an extension of your internal team.

Getting to know the internal staff of your business and accepting them as one of the team and then moving ahead with the services.

  •       Proactive involvement makes sure to keep up with the required IT moves needed for the business.

The IT support should be closely involved in understanding the trajectory of the business in order to be able to best set up the IT for the business to flourish.

Your business not only gets the benefit of support from the IT guy but also gets the benefit of using online IT support services as well. This is how our IT guy works; by taking care of the services and the support that is needed for the business. To help us determine how well our IT guys are doing in all the aspects of their roles, we also assess the performance by using client satisfaction surveys. This feedback helps us to see how well we are maintaining the support and the bond with the business and also determines the IT guy’s performance-related part of their remuneration package.

We understand how onsite IT support is required in a business. When there is a malfunction or urgent need, we have the IT guy well equipped with strategies, so that they can extend their full support to the business. At QuickTech, we ensure to not only give excellent IT support but also to give the ‘Support’; which is vital to build relationships and partnership in the business growth.. QuickTech support embeds the IT expertise that smaller,growing clients need to help take their businesses forward. We are always there to help you and guide you with the best team. All you need to do is just give us a call at  1300 016 017 and we will be happy to assist you!

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