The Advantages of VoIP

Businesses can reduce their telecommunications costs considerably by using Voice over IP for integrated voice and data transfer. VoIP removes the need for two separate lines, as the same IP infrastructure and network is used for both voice traffic and data transfer. Quantitatively, you can save on expenditure, and qualitatively, you can increase production and efficiency. Let’s look at some of the benefits of VoIP as a simple, scalable interface.

  • Cost Analysis: Local and global business calls made over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can make up a huge portion of your telecommunications expenditure. Costs are not only derived from calls themselves, but also from the hard phones. On the other hand, VoIP costs involve bandwidth, networks and mobility.
  • Improving Bandwidth: The quality of your VoIP connection depends on the reliability of your LAN and WAN setup. When looking at a complete VoIP transition, you should determine whether your current bandwidth can support the conversion. If you have inadequate bandwidth you can end up with choke points resulting in delays when transferring crucial information, affecting general efficiency. Assess your bandwidth requirements by calculating expected usage and considering future business growth. Further expenditures may be required to improve server capacity. Nonetheless, these costs are negligible when the alternative is the high costs of PSTN calls.

Improving Bandwidth

  • Network Infrastructure: You can incorporate VoIP into an existing network as long as it can support the extra traffic without lowering quality. If adding VoIP stretches your network capacities to breaking point, you will need to upgrade, which can cost a lot. However, VoIP calls use computer applications instead of physical equipment, so you won’t have to spend further on extra devices – except perhaps for headsets.
  • Long Distance Calls: Unlike PSTN calls, geographical distances don’t affect the cost of VoIP calls.
  • Mobility: With VoIP, you do not need to stress about additional telecommunications costs when you have to relocate employees or take on new team members.
  • Operational Efficiency: VoIP allows you to streamline all of your communications and store everything in one convenient location – emails, calls, faxes, image data and texting are all stored in your computer. Voice calls can even be converted to text and sent to your email.

Improved Accessibility

  • Improved Accessibility: VoIP removes the networking issues associated with employee relocation. With VoIP, employees can make and receive calls from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. This encourages efficient teleworking as employees no longer have to be stuck to their desks to work with their team.

If you are not familiar with this, then we are here to help you. Don’t wait, call QuickTech today for assistance.

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