The Best of Home Computer Repair Plans

The Best of Home Computer Repair Plans

From paying bills, to surfing the net, to staying in touch and working from home, our computers are increasingly essential for our day by day lives. And thus, home computer repair plans have become more important now.

Home computer solutions – Why is it easier?

Home computer solutions make things a lot easier rather than taking your system to the repair shop. Home computer repairs offer:

  •       Diagnosing and repairing the problems right away
  •       Getting your backup done easily
  •       Saves you the hassle of travelling with your computer system
  •       Computer repair technician is available at your doorstep

We understand how important your home computer is, and that is why we offer home computer repair services. It is true that some issues need to be presented at the repair shop, invariably some issues that can be solved at your place directly.

Most utilized home computer services are as follows:

  •       Computer setup – We can do the entire setup for any computer that you have purchased.
  •       Hardware support, troubleshooting and repair – We repair and troubleshoot any hardware that is not working properly.
  •       Software troubleshooting – If your software is creating issues, then we can troubleshoot the root cause and get your system back up and running.
  •       Software installation and support – Software installation is a tedious task, so we can do that for you. When it comes to continued software support, we are always there for you.
  •       Hardware upgrades – If your programs are running slowly or your PC is taking forever to boot up, then you may need a memory upgrade. When you are facing this situation, we will help you with the hardware upgrades necessary for your system.

These are the favored home computer services, but we also have these popular services which come with the home computer repair plans.

Let us have a look at the monthly plans:

  •     For $10 (monthly) or $110 (upfront), you can avail of the basic plan (3 months)
  •     For $15 (monthly) or $400 (upfront), you can avail pro plan (12 months)
  •     For $20 (monthly) or $559 (upfront), you can avail of the elite plan (24 months)


Apart from that we also have other plans such as:

  •       For $35, you can avail of no lock-in plan (30 mins)
  •       For $89, you can avail ad hoc plan (1hr)
  •       For $189, you can avail onsite plan (1hr)

The best home computer repair plans are those that come with the best services that make your system function well without facing threats. Search for Computer repairs Melbourne on Google. At QuickTech, we not only take care of the home computer repair plans, but we are available for you and will guide you in the best way possible. Just give us a call at  1300 016 017, and we will be happy to help you.


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