The Importance of In Person & Remote Tech Support for Business Success


Did you know that, according to FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Report, a staggering 94% of business owners find it difficult to manage and maintain their existing applications and software? Not only that, but the same percentage also claim that they struggle to benefit from the tech that is developed to aid their businesses.

What are we to take from this? Well, to put it simply, not enough companies are savvy to the fact that outsourcing your tech support can exponentially benefit the business’s success.

Remote tech support was already becoming increasingly important pre-COVID. These days, it’s now absolutely crucial. Whether you work in marketing, finance, tourism or even retail and hospitality – the importance of in-person and remote tech support for business success cannot be overstated.

Here are a few ways in which bringing a third-party tech support service (like QuickTech) makes a huge difference.


1. It helps to maintain office infrastructure

Running a business is stressful enough without additional headaches like unexpected issues with your software, hardware, internet connections and cloud access.

So, what do you do? Spend time and resources that could be better utilised elsewhere in the company trying to fix the problem? Or bring in a dedicated team of qualified and experienced tech support experts to efficiently identify the issue and resolve it for you?

We’re not belittling your tech skills, here – we’re merely pointing out that with years of industry expertise under our belts, our technicians are well positioned to get your systems up and running in a streamlined manner that keeps you in business.


2. Improved customer service and support

Depending on the size and nature of your organisation, it might be almost inconceivable to deliver instant customer support 24/7 through numerous communication channels like live chat, social media messaging, text, email and in-app messaging… unless you have reliable IT support to implement and manage this infrastructure for you.

These solutions might include setting up auto-responses and AI/machine learning algorithms to provide round-the-clock support whether your employees are in the office or not. It also makes hiring remote customer service representatives easier, which can help your business stay on top of queries and requests as the company expands.


3. Comprehensive monitoring of internal business operations

With so many moving parts working together to make the business run efficiently on a day-to-day basis, it can be difficult to gain a clear picture of how the overall business is performing. And yet, with good IT support you can track and monitor numerous areas of the business at once, such as communications, planning, auditing and so on.

As an example, QuickTech’s IT experts can help you install and implement highly advanced software into your business’s internal systems to attain invaluable data for actionable insights.


4. Effective data management and iron-clad security measures

Trusting a third-party IT support service with your company’s sensitive data wouldn’t be much use if they didn’t know how to manage and protect it properly, would it? Perhaps one of the most important roles that in-person and remote IT support services provide is adequate security and management for your company data.

From salary details to tax information, customer information, HR details and more – any IT support service worth its salt will be able to provide your business with bolstered data security for peace of mind in the event of a virus or an attempted cyber-attack.

At QuickTech, we provide organisations with tried-and-tested data backup services to ensure there’s always a secure copy of all your company’s information.


5. Allows you to solve complex problems within the business

Have you ever been stuck on a word puzzle for hours, only to have someone else stroll into the room and solve it within seconds? Sometimes it benefits to have a fresh pair of eyes assessing how things work within the business. By trusting your internal systems to a reliable IT support service, you open up opportunities for highly skilled tech gurus to notice rooms for improvement and better ways to optimise your internal computing operations.

It could be as simple as expert advice and recommendations on better software, upgraded data storage solutions or insider knowledge on mind-mapping software, for example.


QuickTech provides in-person and remote tech support services to businesses Australia-wide

QuickTech can take the stress out of all your IT-related needs, so that you and your employees can focus on the tasks at hand.

To speak with one of our professional consultants about how we can help your business thrive by supporting your internal IT operations and data management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We specialise in everything from in-person computer repairs and remote IT support to WiFi network troubleshooting, audio-video device configuration and more.

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