Top 7 questions to be asked when choosing IT support for small businesses

Top 7 questions to be asked when choosing IT support for small businesses

Technology is vital for running a business. When it comes to small business IT support, every business is faced with questions about being equipped with the right tools for their business.  Time taken to research and select the right IT support service company is not time wasted.  Most small businesses have no onsite IT support.

Here are the questions you should ask when choosing IT support for your small business:

  1. How big is your company?

There are organizations with few people, then there are organizations with more people; what matters is their ability to offer a greater scope of solutions and products.  Bigger isn’t necessarily better; knowing what you need for your business is vital..  The experience of the IT company matters.

  1. What is your response time?

You should expect the support company to offer a reasonable response time when it comes to your IT problems. This may vary depending on what level of support you are willing to pay for. However, consider that the guaranteed response time and how swiftly the company will respond to your crisis!

  1. Do the contracts tie me in for a specific period?

Most IT support companies provide contracts with a long cancellation period or minimum time commitment. Therefore, you need to ask for the contract’s tie before opting further. If they don’t provide good service, you can go for companies with shorter terms then.

  1. Will I get a dedicated engineer?

It is not always the same engineer that will solve your issues but based on the current problems, the best-suited engineer is appointed. However, this question is still best to ask and consider.

  1. Can we only call when we have a problem?

Does the IT support company only offer you calls when it is needed, or will it provide extra assistance? This should be considered, as it can make your investment prove more useful if there is additional help from their side.

  1. How and when I will be charged?

IT support company terms and conditions may vary, but generally expect around 15-to-30-day payment for one-off ad hoc work while the support contracts need to be paid, quarterly, monthly, or annually, or in advance.

  1. Do they have testimonials and case studies from other satisfied customers?

These reviews should be considered; because this will give you an idea about whether you can rely on that particular IT support company, and how much they can be trusted with the services.

These are the important questions that need to be asked when considering IT support for small businesses. If you have any further queries, you can always call us at 1300 016 017, and we will be happy to guide you.

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