Top Laptop Repair Issues

Top laptop repair issues

A laptop is one of the best gadgets invented in today’s modern times. They are lightweight and portable, unlike desktop computers. You will know the importance of a laptop and its common problems if you are a regular user. Therefore, a laptop plays an essential role if you are constantly traveling and need to complete tasks wherever you are. Let’s have a look at some of the top laptop repairs issues, and also their solutions:

1 – When your laptop slows down

One might immediately rush to the PC & laptop repairs service provider when they notice that their laptop is working very slowly. But before visiting, one should check whether the laptop is filled with too many files or documents; because too many files can slow down the laptop. To avoid this issue, one should try to free up space by deleting all the unwanted files that are no longer used. You could also transfer old files to an external hard drive to improve your laptop’s performance.

2 – Automatic shutdowns

This is most likely due to overheating which is usually caused due to dust build-up in the case and around the fan. For this, taking your laptop to laptop and PC repair would not be the first action. But instead, you can sort this issue out by cleaning out the dust. Make sure to clean the dust using a can of compressed air. 

3 – The battery keeps draining

Laptops usually do have good battery life. But if your battery drains quickly, the first thing you should do is reduce the number of open tasks. Avoid keeping multiple windows open. You can switch on the Energy Saving mode and keep the brightness low. If this does not work, you can approach the computer repair shop to look into the issue and solve it effectively. 

4 – Unable to connect to wi-fi networks

If you have been facing this issue, check that the airplane mode is off, and the wi-fi is switched on. Next, re-install the drivers of the network adapter. All you need to do is Right-click on ‘My Computer’ or ‘My PC’ on your desktop and click ‘Manage’. Next, click ‘Device Manager. Now, click ‘Network Adapters’ and under this menu look for your wireless adapter. Right-click on it and hit ‘Enable’ or ‘Install’. Once this is done, click Scan for hardware changes, and your drivers will be re-installed.

5 – Battery doesn’t charge

If your laptop battery stops charging, then you need to replace it even if your laptop is under warranty as batteries are not covered in the manufacturer’s warranty period. If the battery of the laptop is not removable, then you’ll have to replace the laptop. 

Many issues arise in laptops and you can search for computer repairs in Brisbane on Google to get the best of services. These are some of the top laptop repair issues which can be solved promptly as the solutions are already there. 

If you do not solve issues, then you can always come to QuickTech to get them solved by professionals. All you need to do is give us a call at 1300 016 017, and we will be happy to assist you!

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