What are the basic computer maintenance tasks that everyone needs to know

What are the basic computer maintenance tasks that everyone needs to know

Computers have become a part in our daily lives and it is our duty to look after our computer so that it serves us well. Computer maintenance is important for the system to stay up to date. Yes, there are computer repair technicians available for us, but we can do basic computer maintenance tasks on our own.

If you work from home or operate your tasks from home, then it is essential to have some tech knowledge so you can deal with basic maintenance tasks, rather than getting frustrated. Whenever anything major happens to your system, or you are not able to do the more difficult tasks, you can always search computer repairs Melbourne on Google. Let us have a look at the basic computer maintenance tasks mentioned below –

One Time

  •       Set up the operating system software to update automatically. This will keep your system updated.
  •       Set the anti-virus software to update automatically.
  •       Keep a check on the internet activity.


  •       Download important email attachments – You can save them in the mail application, or you can just create another folder and save them there.
  •       Clean up the email inbox – Try to clear up the unwanted emails.


  •       Organize the cables and cords.
  •       Clean up the desktop.
  •       Clean up the keyboard.
  •       Dust CPU and printer.
  •       Perform a full system backup to an external drive or cloud storage.


  •       Transfer videos and photos to the computer and delete from your device – Get help from the cloud storage option so that the sync happens automatically.
  •       Organize pictures into albums or folders – if nothing else, at least try to set up a file system of days, months and years.
  •       Share digital photos and order prints.
  •       Clean up the ‘downloads to file’ folder – Try to keep them in another folder or create a folder instead.
  •       Clean up the web browser.
  •       Delete files from the system downloads folder.
  •       Uninstall unused apps and programs.
  •       Run a disk cleanup.
  •       Run full system malware and virus scan.
  •       Defragment of the hard drive.


  •       Clean up the email contacts list.
  •       Clean up the contacts list on social media accounts – unfollow or unfriend.

These are some of the basic computer maintenance tasks that everyone needs to know and do routinely so that your system is stays maintained. However, if you are facing issues that are happening to the computer, or you are not able to maintain it properly, you can call up a computer repair technician at QuickTech on  1300 016 017 to look after these issues and computer maintenance.

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