What Do You Do If Your TV Won’t Turn On?

Have you just realized that your TV is not turning ON? Just like any other electronic device, your TV can experience power issues. The good news is that most of these problems can be fixed at home by making some simple adjustments. In this blog, we will tell you what you need to do if your TV does not turn on.

  1. Check to see if the power cable is well connected

If your TV is not turning ON, check the power cable to see if it is well connected to the live wall socket. If you realize that it is loose, fit it tightly on the wall socket. If the power outlet is damaged, fix it before connecting the TV or connect your TV to a different power outlet that is functioning.

  1. Check to verify that the screen does not display the image

The fact that the TV screen is not displaying images does not mean that it is not ON. Press the menu button to see if the menu display shows on the screen. If that is the case, then the problem lies on your satellite TV service. The solution to this is to call your satellite TV provider and request them to fix the problem.

  1. Switch on your TV using the TV power button

Another reason why your TV is not turning ON is that your remote is faulty. Before you conclude that there is something wrong with your TV, use the power button on the TV to see if it is turning On. If it turns ON, then your remote is faulty maybe because the batteries are dead or there is something that is blocking the sensors. Most modern TVs have power buttons on the TV. Use that button to switch on the TV to know if the problem is coming from the remote or the TV.

  1. Replace the blown internal fuse

The TV has a power supply that is fitted with a fuse that helps to protect crucial internal components of the TV from getting damaged in case there is a power surge. If your TV is not turning on, then it could be because the fuse has blown up and needs to be replaced. Replacing a blown fuse involves removing the back cover of the TV, then replacing the blown fuse with a new one. This process is quite complex and potentially dangerous especially for people who have little or no experience in TV repair. It is therefore wise to hire a TV repair expert to fix the problem.

  1. Reset the TV

If your TV is not turning ON, switch it off and unplug the power cable from the live socket. Give it at least one minute before you turn it ON again. This technique is known as soft reset and it helps to adjust the power settings. It is a technique that works well for TVs that won’t turn On.

It is not a good idea to repair your TV yourself. Things could go wrong including the risk of electrocution or damaging the TV even further. The best option is to hire a reputable TV installation and repair expert.

If your TV is not turning ON and you are looking for an expert to fix the problem, then we can help you out. Call us today on 1300 016 017 and let the expert fix your TV.

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