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What does a computer repair technician do?

Are you wondering exactly what a computer repair technician does? Well, a computer repair technician installs, repairs, and maintains computer equipment. They have to be updated on the ever-evolving technology for specific job analysis and troubleshooting. Good computer repair technicians are analytical, thoughtful, inquisitive, and knowledgeable. They are also methodical, logical, and rational.

Here are some computer repair technician responsibilities.

  • Recreate and manage websites, maintain regular updates, manage DNS servers, administrate email and outlook exchange servers.
  • Gain intermediate PC hardware repair/refurbish knowledge.
  • Dismember PC hardware and upgrade malfunctioning components.
  • Perform onsite analysis diagnosis and resolution of desktop problems.
  • Get rid of unwanted programs and recommend solutions to prevent antivirus and spyware.
  • Repair computers and laptops, which include virus removal and data retrieval.
  • Perform virus and spyware removal.
  • Advance troubleshooting of all windows programs.
  • Perform a backup on critical applications and data using Linux terminal (tar command) and backup utilities.
  • Evaluate technical issues, solve client concerns, and troubleshoot computer problems in an efficient and considerate manner.
  • Work closely with clients to aid in standard user operations to include basic internet browsing and document creation.
  • Identify internet service connection failures.
  • Configure different windows operating system settings.
  • Consider working with staff during emergencies and training.
  • Install and set up new computers, including installing any requested software.
  • Maintain up-to-date BIOS and ensure user software is configured correctly.
  • Demonstrate ability to respond quickly and appropriately to emergencies.
  • Evaluate malfunctions of computer hardware and peripheral devices to determine appropriate actions to maintain computer operations.
  • Perform onsite computer repairs, software and hardware installation, and network installation and optimization.
  • Complete operations within the company, providing laptop repairs.
  • Obtain professional training and experience in analyzing and diagnosis of computer issues.
  • Web development through HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Proofread and debug programming code in various languages, including Java, PHP, VB.NET, CGI/Perl, HTML, etc.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot a wide variety of laptop models in a Toshiba and Fujitsu accredit repair facility.
  • Perform weekly antivirus updates and constant monitoring for any virus-related issues.
  • Design personalized graphic art using adobe photoshop.
  • Build credibility, establish rapport and maintain communication with donors and local organizations.
  • Resolve connectivity issues for users and set up, secure, and maintain wireless networks including TCP/IP routing and firewall configuration.

Computer repair technician skills and personality traits

Let us break down the percentage of skills required for computer repair technicians.

  • 19% hardware skills: Perform onsite computer repairs, software and hardware installation, and network installation and optimization.
  • 16% personal computer skills: Perform onsite PC repairs and other related peripherals, quickly resolving customer issues while educating them to prevent future occurrences.
  • 8% troubleshoot skills: Analyse and troubleshoot various computer problems and ensure appropriate reporting is executed.
  • 6% laptop skills: Test inventory tracking and repair laptop hardware issues, install new software and hardware, refurbish laptops.
  • 4% computer system skills: Dedicated to providing exceptional computer service and quickly getting customers’ computer systems back up and running efficiently.
  • 4% printer skills: Determine configuration problems with networked printers and printer hardware.

Detailed computer repair technician responsibilities

The essential personality trait for a computer repair technician to have happens to be customer service skills. Computer repair technicians must be patient and sympathetic. Additionally, computer repair technicians can use customer-service skills to demonstrate proficiency in diagnosing and troubleshooting customers with laptop and desktop computer issues, installation of hardware and software.

While it may not be the most critical skill, many computer repair technician duties rely on listening skills. Computer repair technicians must comprehend the problems that their customers are describing and know when to ask questions to clarify the situation.

Computer repair technicians are known for problem-solving skills, which can be critical when performing their duties. Computer repair technicians must identify both simple and complex computer problems, analyze them, and solve them. An efficient computer repair technician must carry out onsite analysis, identify and resolve complex desktop problems for end-users.

Computer repair technicians must describe the solutions to computer problems, in order that an untechnical person can comprehend them. A typical computer repair technician must diagnose and fix complicated software and hardware issues that customers present.

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