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Why Does My Computer Overheat

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Why Does My Computer Overheat

The computer contains many parts, some of which creates heat when the computer is on. However, much of this heat is moved out, thanks to an efficient cooling system. It is normal for your computer to dissipate heat especially when multitasking. However, it is not normal when your computer overheats. If your computer becomes too hot, then that is a clear sign that something is not right. If the problem is not fixed soon, then it can destroy crucial components thus shortening the lifespan of your computer. In addition to that, computers that overheat frequently are usually slower. In this article, we are going to give you possible reasons why your computer overheats.

1. Clogged air vents

Your computer needs to expel hot air that is created by hot components like the processor. If the airflow is not good, then your computer will definitely overheat because hot air is not expelled out of the system. One of the reasons why your laptop may be struggling to expel hot air is because the air vents are clogged. Check your computer to see if the air vents are clogged. If that is the case, then you need to unclog it by blowing compressed air.

2. Dust build-up

Another reason why your computer is overheating is because of dust build-up. Dust build up not only blocks air vents but also settles on crucial internal components. When the dust settles on crucial components like the CPU and power supply, it provides insulation that traps heat. This problem not only overheats the computer but also makes it slow. To fix this problem, you need to dust your computer frequently using compressed air.

3. Bad location

Where your computer is placed plays a big role in determining how your computer will function. For instance, if your computer is located in a poorly ventilated room especially during hot summer months, then your computer can easily overheat. Similarly, if you keep your computer close to direct sunlight, then it can easily overheat. To avoid this, place your computer in a well-ventilated room. You also need to keep the computer away from direct heat. If you are using a laptop, keep it in a flat or hard surface.

4. Malfunctioned interior cooling

All computers are equipped with their own internal cooling systems. Their main role is to keep the computer cool when it is on. The cooling system comprises of fans that helps to dissipate heat from heat producing components such as the CPU and power supply. If your computer internal cooling system has malfunctioned, then your computer will definitely overheat. One of the main reasons why your computer cooling system has malfunction is because of dirt and dust build up. To fix this, clean the fan regularly to avoid dust build up.

5. Age

Just like any other device, the computer usually ages with time. An old computer can easily overheat because crucial components are old and struggling to operate. If that is the case, then all that you need to do is to replace your computer with a brand new one.

In conclusion, if have noticed that your computer overheats and you cannot seem to find where the problem is, then call our computer service today. QuickTech‘s experienced computer repair experts will be glad to fix your computer. Regardless of the problem, we guarantee you that our computer repair experts will fix the problem. Call us on, 1300 857 575

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