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Why Game Consoles are Called as Energy Vampires

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Why Game Consoles are Called as Energy Vampires

Most people like playing video games. However, very few people know the power that gaming consoles consume. The gaming industry is fast changing. Every year, new console versions are released into the market for game lovers to enjoy. Yes, these games are indeed extremely fun to play. However, the fun usually comes at a cost and that is high monthly energy bills. Game consoles are created differently when it comes to power consumption. This means that some consume more power than others.

What is an energy vampire?

An energy vampire is a term that is used to refer to electronic devices that quickly drains energy when on standby mode. This means that you get to pay for energy that you did not use. Research conducted recently by a credible institution revealed that an average household throws away about AUD$ 200 every year because of energy vampire. The research also revealed that one of the biggest culprits of vampire energy is the game console. Most people usually leave their game console on standby mode when they are not using them thinking that they consuming little or no power. However, that is not true. Most gaming consoles consume a lot of power even when on standby mode. That is why gaming PC expert’s advice game lovers to switch off their game consoles when they are not using them to avoid energy wastage.

Why gaming consoles are referred to as energy vampire

Many modern electronic devices are very energy efficient. Many electronics companies usually strive to make their new devices more energy efficient. However, that is not usually the case with game consoles. Most modern game consoles consume more power than their predecessors. For instance, PS4 consumes more power than PS3. High power consumption is largely attributed to many exclusive features that the latest game consoles have. This means that if you leave your new game console on standby, then it will consume a lot of power without your knowledge. You will only be surprised when you notice that your energy bill has doubled. Statistics show that when all households in Australia upgrades to X box and PS4, then a power of about 10 billion KW will be consumed. This clearly shows the amount of power that modern gaming consoles consume. Unfortunately, most of this energy is consumed when the consoles are on standby modes.

What can game lovers do avoid incurring huge energy bill every month?

First, experts recommend that game consoles should be used for gaming alone. If you are planning to stream your favourite TV show, then you should use other devices that are more energy efficient instead of using your game console. You should also change the settings of your console so that it shuts down automatically if it remains idle for more than 30 minutes. This will help prevent it from consuming power when on standby mode. Before you go to sleep cross-check to see the console is turned off.

In conclusion, if you are looking for creative ways to prevent your game console from consuming power in silence, then contact QuickTech. We will help you save energy by recommending the best PC gaming accessories that can help in lowering your electricity bill. Don’t wait, call our gaming console experts today.

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