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Why is My Computer Freezing

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Why is My Computer Freezing

Why is my computer freezing? That is a question that you are probably asking yourself. Computer freezing refers to a computer that is not responsive to any user action such as using a mouse or typing. Freezing does not mean that the computer is totally broken and beyond repair. Instead, it indicates that the processor has experienced an overload that it cannot handle. This can be very frustrating especially if you were working on something that is very important and you did not get the chance to save. So the big question is, what causes freezing? There are many things that cause the computer to freeze as discussed below.

1. Overheating

The CPU is the mother of the computer. It plays a crucial role and it is also extremely sensitive. In order for the CPU to function well, the temperature needs to be within a certain range. However, if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold then the CPU will stall, freezing the computer. To avoid this, then it is important to follow the manufacture instructions when operating and storing the computer. You also need to ensure that the vents are open to enable free flow of air.

2. Error or corruption of drivers

Driver problem can make the computer to freeze. Drivers play a crucial role in the computer. In fact, these pieces of software are the ones that run the computer. The fact that they are constantly used by the computer makes them vulnerable to failure. If a crucial driver is corrupted, then it can freeze the computer. The best solution to this problem is ensuring that the drivers are updated to the latest versions. If the problem persists, then you should seek from a computer technician.

3. Computer viruses

Deadly computer viruses can freeze your computer. The virus usually starts by slowing the computer. If they’re not eliminated on time, they usually invade important drivers, corrupting them on the process. This can make the computer to freeze. If you suspect that your computer freeze because it is invaded with a deadly virus, then the best solution is running an up to date antivirus to eliminate the virus.

4. Too many apps running

Every application that is running on the computer consumes the computer’s resources. This means that if multiple apps are running at the same time, then your computer will begin to struggle and if appropriate action is not taken on time, then the computer can freeze. To fix this problem then you are advised not to run multiple programs or apps at the same time.

5. Insufficient RAM

If you notice that your computer freeze at regular intervals, then it could be as a result of insufficient RAM. This crucial hardware helps to ensure that all system in the computer run smoothly. Some application such as 3D games demands a bigger RAM in order to operate smoothly. Therefore, if you are running heavily application on a small RAM then your computer will freeze. The best solution to this is upgrading the RAM.

6. Power issues

The computer can only function well if the power supply is delivering optimum power. If it happens to deliver insufficient voltage to the system, then the computer can freeze regardless of whether you have a powerful RAM or processor. You can avoid this by ensuring that the power supply is giving enough power.

If your computer freezes regularly and you don’t seem to find where the problem is, then you need to seek help from a computer technician. As a reputable computer repair service, we can fix the freezing problem that your computer is facing within a short period of time. We always give quality and lasting solutions to our clients. Don’t wait, call today. Our technicians are on standby waiting for your call.

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