Why is My TV Antenna Not working

Having some problems with TV reception? Your TV may not be receiving any signals. For your TV to function properly, you need an antenna that works properly. TV antenna problems are very frustrating especially if you are watching your favourite program. So, are you frustrated because your antenna seems to lose signals all the time? If yes, then it could be because of many issues.

In this blog, we are going to tell you why your antenna is not working and what you need to do to fix the problem.

  • The antenna is not well connected

One of the main reasons why your antenna is not working is that the antenna cables are not well connected. This mostly happens when someone has interfered with the connection. If you have pets in your house, then they can touch the antenna cable when running around the house, causing it to break loose from the decoder. The good news is that this problem is easy to fix. All you need to do is plug in or tighten the loose cable.

  • Damaged antenna

Another reason why your antenna is not working because it is completely damaged. There are many things that can damage an antenna. These include bad weather, destruction by birds that land on it, worn out cables, among many others. Just like any other device, an antenna usually is worn out with time. As a result, they need constant repair to keep them in good condition. Regular antenna repair will ensure that the problems are detected and fixed before they are beyond repair. If you have just realized that your antenna is not transmitting a signal because it is damaged, you need to call an expert who can fix the problem.

  • External interference

Interference from external sources is a major problem that affects antenna performance. There are many things that can interfere with TV signals including electromagnetic interference, TV transmitter interference, among many others. Interference usually occurs when there are two or more transmitters broadcasting in the same frequency. Fixing this problem on your own is difficult because you need to know the type of interference that is affecting your TV signal. As a result, you are advised to seek help from antenna installation and repair experts.

  • Poor antenna quality

There are two types of antennas: good-quality antenna and poor-quality antenna. If you happen to install a poor-quality antenna, then you are more likely to experience problems. If you want to receive all television stations in your area, then you need to install a high-quality antenna that provides reception for both ultra-high frequency (UHF) and very high frequency (VHF). In addition to that, the overall cable quality should match the required standards. It is advised that you consult a TV antenna expert for advice before you install your TV antenna.

  • Antenna location

Good TV network depends largely on where the antenna is placed. In most cases, outdoor antennas are usually more effective and reliable than indoor antennas. The way you orient your TV antenna towards the transmission will determine the quality of signal that you get. To improve the quality of the signal, you need to ensure that the antenna is placed in the right location and direction.

If you are having a problem with your antenna and you are wondering what to do, worry not because we are here to help. All you need to do is call us on 1300 016 017 and we will send out a team to your home or office immediately.

Whether it is antenna installation issues or antenna repair, you can be sure that QuickTech team will fix the problem ASAP to ensure that you enjoy all your favourite TV shows uninterrupted.

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