Why should I install a video doorbell?

video doorbell

Thinking about a video doorbell for your home? You’re not alone. This type of video camera is among the most popular smart-home products of the year. A doorbell, a video camera, and a two-way conversation device; all wrapped into one.

A video doorbell combines a camera, microphone, and speaker set with a simple doorbell. Here are some reasons why you should do a video device setup for your smart house:

1)     Know who is at the door

The obvious function and use of the video doorbell camera is to determine who is at the door. You’re probably guilty of tiptoeing to the door to look out the peephole and see who is on the other side. A video doorbell camera feed eliminates that requirement entirely, enabling you to get a clear view of who is there, without even needing to get up or stop what you’re doing.

2)     Double as security camera

While video doorbells are convenient to use, they’re also great for keeping your home safe and catching any would-be robbers. It will start recording whenever someone comes to the door through the use of built-in motion sensors. The doorbell allows you to receive a notification and have the visitor’s face on camera; which is useful if someone approaches your house with bad intentions. The presence of an obvious camera at your door is often enough to scare them away, too.

3)     Provides evidence

Footage from a wireless doorbell camera is often crucial evidence in a case of theft, burglary, or vandalism. Front door videos can be used as proof of a criminal offence and are helpful when filing homeowner’s insurance claims. Police investigators often use recorded security footage to assist in building cases and may enable them to make  an arrest. Video images can help identify an intruder, or the perpetrator of a criminal offence in your neighbourhood; and not just your home if the camera is about up correctly.

4)     Replace your doorbell chime

Smart Home magic starts when you have voice assistant devices throughout your house. If your house is large enough and features a single chime, you may have trouble hearing the doorbell ring if you are at the far end of your home. When someone rings a video doorbell, the associated voice assistant announces that, “Someone is at the door.”

5)     Screens visitors

The video doorbell device enables you to identify strangers or unwanted sales representatives or any undesirable guests. So, you can quickly see who is at your door and decide whether you open it. This is also very useful for use by  older children and teenagers to screen visitors when they are home alone.

6)     Keep up with the kids

If you work away from home you can also utilise your video doorbell to give you peace of mind. For example, your video doorbell can assign you a daily video alert when your kids reach home from school. In addition, kids enjoy using video doorbells as a one-way ‘FaceTime’ device. They can ring the bell when you’re at work to say hello and greet you with a wave.

7)     Sleep undisturbed

It is a grave offence when, during your precious naptime, you are startled awake by the loud chime of your doorbell! You can easily turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on your video doorbell which switches the chime off. In addition, it  also sends you a text alert when a visitor rings the bell. You can then open your app in order to see who’s there, and determine whether to answer or not.


Remember to get Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell cameras that can be connected to Smartphone or other devices. Each of them can be ready to notify you when somebody hits the bell, or the video Wi-Fi camera sensor catches any motion.

As smart home products go, it’s tough to top the convenience, comfort and all-around value of a video doorbell. It’s no wonder video doorbell setup are now among the most frequently installed smart home devices.

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