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The Advantages of VoIP

Businesses can reduce their telecommunications costs considerably by using Voice over IP for integrated voice and data transfer. VoIP removes the need for two separate lines, as the same IP infrastructure and network is used for both voice traffic and data transfer. Quantitatively, you can save on expenditure, and qualitatively, you can increase production and […]

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Top Five Computer Myths

Just for your information and entertainment, I’ve listed five of the most common myths that many of us believe in. Myth 1 – A slow computer is a sign of a malware attack. This is probably the most popular myth. Typically, we tend to believe that if our computer is lagging, it must be something […]

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Ten of Tesla’s greatest achievements

Ten of Tesla’s greatest achievements and contributions to mankind. 1. Alternating Current This is where the famous division between Tesla and Edison began. It was a division between cost and safety. Edison had been working on a DC current which was expensive to run over long distances, and also created dangerous sparks from the converter, […]

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